Have We Gone to Far with Alexa? Amazon’s latest Technology that Records Human Interaction at Home Responding to Request

 LISTEN NOW! There has never been a generation that has had so much technology at their fingertips than the generation of today. Amidst the continuous unfolding of new technology, the most recent development may grab your attention. Amazon’s Echo, a home robot, is not only technology that provides needed answers and knowledge when it’s asked, it also has a name: Alexa. When a writer, with The Guardian, got his hands on the recent technology, it was a few short moments later when the machine, who has a name and a voice, misunderstood what he said. His house then rang out with the audible words of, “That’s not very nice to say.” The ensuing emotions that this writer/consumer experienced began to be more concerning than the remarks from his most recent purchase.  In his own words, “I asked the machine for forgiveness.”

There is so much technology in our culture that it is too easy, at any one given moment, to have technology at our fingertips in order to provide the necessary knowledge that we are seeking. This reality begs to question: have we allowed technology to take the place of seeking God for direction, for seeking God’s wisdom and not simply knowledge? We cannot allow technology to take the place of relationships with people. God sent the Holy Spirit to provide the needed wisdom and direction that each person needs in life. Life doesn’t happen without tough times and we need the direction from the Holy Spirit as to how to respond in these moments. Even in the age of continual technological advancements, be encouraged to strengthen your walk with Christ, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Amazon, Alexa, technology, Mount Everest, knowledge, abiding, relationship, and the Holy Spirit. John and Steve shared in this segment. 
Screen Capture from Youtube.com/amazon



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