WATCH! ISIS is threatening to behead the Pope and Attack Rome; Is North Korea going to attack the West Coast of America? ; and Prophecy about President and White House?


ISIS is threatening to behead the Pope?  
 In a report from CBN, the strategy that is motivating ISIS is far greater than many currently perceive. Within the next ten years, by 2025, ISIS believes that Armageddon will be played out. There is one particular step that has to be carried out first, the capturing of Rome. When CBN sat down with the author of The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS, Robert Spencer, he shared some startling realities that expose how these events are already in their beginning stages. “They’re not talking about doing it by conventional armies; they’re talking about doing (it) by overwhelming these lands with sympathizers from within, and in an influx of people from outside,” Masses of Islamic fighters have been crossing the borders, into Europe, under the cloak of fleeing refugees.
As Islamic fighters fill more and more into the European Countries, more specifically Italy, Spencer talks about the desires that ISIS seeks to carry out in Rome. “…the main event, as they see it, will be the beheading of the Pope in St. Peter’s Square, broadcast and live-streamed to a horrified international audience.”
This is a systematic plan that is unfolding like clockwork. More and more Christians are being beheaded at the hands of evil. These are the realities that are taking place and we, as the Church, must wake up and see the truths that are happening. Watch the full interview to hear more about what Spencer says and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Radical Islam, ISIS, Armageddon, sleeper cells, 100 year plan, and St. Peters Square. Greg and John shared in this segment. 

Prophecy:  North Korea Planning Nuclear Attack on the U.S?
 With the many headlines peppering the public at a constant rate; the name that is becoming more and more prevalent is North Korea; and the rising concern of their use of Nuclear Weapons. There was constant dialogue regarding the agreement with Iran and the development of their nuclear program. But, North Korea already has nuclear capabilities. Rick Wiles recently shared what the Lord has impressed upon him when he spoke on the Jim Bakker Show. Wiles shares about an encounter from the Lord that he had in July 2003 stating,“There is a North Korean attack on an American city on the West Coast.”  On recent programs, we have shared about prophetic dreams, as well as headlines, that point to the collaboration of Russia, China, and North Korea. According to reports, North Korea has weapons with a range far enough to reach and impact California. Another prophetic encounter was given to a young man, Isaiah, who shares about what the Lord showed him specifically about Kim Jong-un and President Obama. While there are continual threats being voiced against America, so are there threats against the values and truths of America. America still is the 3rdlargest nation in the world and the most powerful. If the threats coming against the values and beliefs are agreed with, it won’t matter that America is the most powerful nation. All of these events are the tell-tale signs of a nation that has turned away from God.
What will we do in this hour? Will we believe the negative threats that come against the truths of the original beliefs that America was built upon? Or, are we going to stand up boldly in the Grace of God? We can humble ourselves. We can turn back to God. This is the moment when we must decide who we are standing for. Be greatly encouraged in the truths of what is taking place, the truth that Jesus Christ is still in control, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: The Jim Bakker Show, nuclear weapons, Rules for Radical, Dinesh Dsouza, India, China, Ted Koppel, CBN, humility, and repentance. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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