Nun in the Middle East against ISIS; Tribute to Myles Munroe; and Making the Most of Every Opportunity


Courageous Nun in the Middle East: Voice for the Voiceless
 We do not have to be seized with fear, with the lies that our lives do not matter, or that our lives do not count. We CAN make a difference in the lives of those around us. Courage is not the absence of fear, but moving in the presence of fear. As evil increases, causing more and more fear to increase, this is when we can be most courageous making powerful impacts in the world around us. This is exactly what Sister Hatune Dogan has done in response to the evil atrocities currently taking place in the Middle East.
CBN was able to see the impact that Sister Dogan is carrying out. As Sister Dogan has personally witnessed the devastating effects of those who have suffered at the hands of ISIS, she has ministered to thousands. “I’m not coming here for a holiday. I’m coming here to bring a voice to the voiceless so that the world can hear their voice. They don’t have a voice. I am the channel for them. That is my mission.”Her foundation, Hatune Foundation is affecting lives with the love of Christ, in 35 countries. We don’t have to wait for government to be the answer. Be encouraged as you see the powerful impact Sister Hatune is making, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: CBN, Islam, Koran, kidnappings, sex slavery, Turkey, Germany, and faith. John shared in this segment.  

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Tribute to Dr. Myles Munroe: Living Life on Purpose, Not Accident Making the Most of Opportunities
 The call upon our lives was never to live a long life, but to live a fruitful life. Each of us have been given the gift of life; and each of our lives will inevitably come to a close. When that moment of death comes, and it will for all of us, there will be two regrets: I wish I would of done more for my family because I’m about to leave them; and I wish I would of done more for God because I’m about to see Him. We can avoid the regrets of today by doing what is right today. Dr. Myles Munroe was a man that lived out this philosophy. It has now been a year since he has passed, and his impact continues on beyond the grave.
Many are remembering the life of impact that Myles Munroe carried out. “The greatest tragedy of life is not death but living a life without purpose.” His life challenges us with the reminder of how we are to live our lives, and make an impact in the lives of others that will continue long after our life is done.
“One of the saddest things I discovered is that you need a tombstone. People who are successful don’t need tombstones. The reason why we need tombstones is because we were so useless on Earth, that, wherever they planted us, they have to mark the spot to remind us that you used to be here.  I want to challenge you from this day forward, that I believe that I was sent here from my country to tell you, to live in such a way, from this point on, that you wouldn’t need a tombstone.” 

Our life is not an accident. There is a purpose that God has orchestrated for each and every one of us to carry out. God desires for each of us, to carry out a fruitful life and bring great glory to His name. Be greatly encouraged as you remember the life of Myles Munroe, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: hope, faith, eternity, death, regrets, opportunities, leadership, and purpose. John and Steve shared in this segment.  

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