President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Meet for the First Time Since the Passing of the Iran Deal

LISTEN NOW! President Obama has recently met with Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu the first time after the deal that resulted in America reportedly giving Iran $150 billion. According to CBN, the relationship between America and Israel “has been one of the most strained in the history of U.S. – Israel relations.” As the former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren has an intimate understanding of the relationship that few would. Reportedly, Iran has directly funded the terrorist organization, Hezbollah, $1 billion a year. Oren expands on the dangers of this by stating, “With the $1 billion a year, Hezbollah has purchased 150,000 rockets; all pointed at us. This year, Iran is getting $150 billion in sanctions relief. That number over the next coming years is going to go up to about $700 billion. So how many rockets will Hezbollah be able to buy with $2 billion; $3 billion; $10 billion?” This is surely a precarious situation considering that, based on reports, America is directly funding the enemies of Israel. We must continue to be steadfast in our prayer for both Israel and America, and the leadership of our nations. Watch the full report to see and understand more about the relationship between Israel, the United States, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: President Obama, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Iran, Nuclear Arms Agreement, and prayer. John shared in this segment.
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