The Three Major Religions and their Followers: Christians, Jews, and Muslims and the End Times

LISTEN NOW! As the world is still processing the after affects and turmoil of the terrorist attacks in Paris, France, there appears to be an incessant lack of understanding of Islam in the West. It is important to know that Islam and Christianity are not the same. It is absolutely vital to understand this. All three faiths: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, all trace their roots to Abraham, but they are not the same. In a documentary about the origination of the three faiths, Joel Rosenberg describes the differences between Christianity and Islam as a “photographic negative of each other”.
The narrative being promulgated in America is that you must love the Muslim faith. No, you must love the people in the Muslim faith, but you have to stand up for Jesus Christ. The Islamic faith teaches that Jesus Christ is not the Son of God. When people are against Jesus Christ, God is not dividing them, they are choosing which side they are on. We cannot love Jesus Christ and the religion that denies Him as Lord.  These truly are the last days. Michelle Bachmann testifies to these realities as she expresses the same notions when she spoke with Tony Perkins in Jerusalem. “The prophets long to see the days that you and I live in. We’ve been able to walk and not just observe 2,000 years ago with Jesus, and 4,000 years ago from the time of Abram; we literally are trotting on the soil that the prophets spoke of into the future thousands of years ago.” It is these very truths that highlight Jesus’ soon return. We are living in End Time moments. Allow your faith to be stirred, your eyes to be opened to the revelation of the hour we are living in, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Russia, Iran, prophetic words, Rick Wiles, Michelle Bachmann, Jerusalem, and salvation. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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