Undercover Investigation College Administrators Shredding the U.S. Constitution?

LISTEN NOW! The political correctness that is taking place in our nation is steadily increasing. Project Veritas wanted to know just how deep these mindsets were being carried out. With what appears to be an undercover camera, Project Veritas presented quite a lofty claim and they wanted to see what the response would be. If someone expressed to you that they didn’t respond well to the sight of the Constitution; experienced symptoms of being sick because of it, what would be a reasonable response? Would you consider literally shredding the Constitution, a reasonable response? This is reportedly what took place at Vassar College when an investigative journalist shared, “as soon as I saw it, you know, I started to not be able to breathe, hyperventilating; my vision went blurry and I just kind of lost control.”
According to a video created by Project Veritas, Kelly Grab, the Assistant Director of Equal Opportunity at Vassar College asks, “Did you want to leave this with me? Or do you want to take it?” (Referring to the Constitution) The journalist presses, “Honestly, can we just like destroy-like is there like a shredder or something? Like, I think it might be really therapeutic.” When one would hope that any American citizen would think this is an outrageous claim and remind us exactly what the Constitution is, and what it stands for, Grab agrees with the claim and insists, “Yes, I think we have a shredder in the front office there.”
You have to wonder where these outrageous claims and mindsets are coming from on our college campuses. When you look at a recent statement made by a United States Supreme Court Justice, you may be surprised even more, or you may not be. Watch the full report to see what is taking place on our campuses, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: The U.S. Constitution, political correctness, outdated, triggers, oppressive document, deception and truth. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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