WATCH! What’s taking place in France; the Church of Rome; and where is ISIS going next?


Appeal to Heaven Prayer Movement Taking Off Around the Nation
 Imagine that you are George Washington, leading a ragtag army. You don’t know whether you are going to win or lose. Some of your men don’t even have shoes; and you are fighting the biggest army in the world: Great Britain. Your only hope is in God to offer up an Appeal to Heaven. This is exactly what is taking place in America today. Some would say that America is over. CBN is reporting how people are gathering crying out to God to intercede. Bishop Harry Jackson encourages the Church to remember the original intent of our history, “God’s original intent was to have a land that would preach the Gospel, share the Good News around the world. Our prosperity is tied to the purpose of God.” Dutch Sheets is traveling all across the United States According to Dutch Sheets, “I don’t care what they say about the unborn. I don’t care what they say about marriage. It ain’t over till God says it’s over. It’s not settled law until He says it’s settled law. We’re going to change these things.” As Sheets travels across the nation sharing this reminder to Appeal to Heaven, he has also launched the app, “Give Him 15” so that anyone anywhere can join in agreement in prayer. Be greatly encouraged and your faith will be lifted as you see and hear what God is doing, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: humility, prayer, repentance, George Washington, and agreement. Greg shared in this segment. 

Islamist, The Caliphate, A Religious Ideology Taking over the Middle East that goes back 100’s of Years
 Often times, we do not take the time to know our history. When events happen that are directly correlated to present day events, we don’t see the correlation. For instance, there is a difference between Catholics and Protestants. The term “protestant” is in reference to those “protesting” against the Catholic Church, insisting that you can have a relationship with God outside of organized religion. The instrumental lives of William Tyndale and John Wycliffe originate from these events. It is important to note that there is a remnant of the Church in organized religion. It was during these happenings that the inquisition occurred; the inquisition that President Obama recently highlighted in one of his speeches. What ISIS is carrying out today is tied directly to key events during this era.
Everything that ISIS is doing is tied directly to Islamic history. Glenn Beck says it clearly, “By not understanding this, we will never defeat [ISIS]”. When Mohammed died in 632, a man continued in his ways; Abu Bakr. His goal was to establish the Caliphate and expand the Caliphate. The name of Abu Bakr should bring a familiar tone as it’s the same name of the man who has positioned himself head of the Caliphate today, “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi”. The goal of the Caliphate today is the same it was 600 years ago. In a recent ISIS propaganda video, President Obama is referred to as the “dog of Rome”. Where is the correlation there? As Beck emphasizes, “According to ISIS, Rome in the Arabic tongue of the Prophet refers to the Christians of Europe and their colonies in Sham.” What is Sham? Syria. Beck continues, “The Romans were the first major enemies of the Caliphate. It’s the same today as it was then. The fight against “Western influence”, that’s Rome.”
Where is President Obama reportedly at now? In Turkey, meeting with the President Erdoğan. Looking back on instrumental events that America’s leadership has undergone raises concerning connections. Of all countries, why did America remove every reference to Radical Islam, according to Michelle Bachmann? Why was Libyan Muammar Gaddafi taken out of power? With all of this, where does Rome tie into France?
Beck restores 14th century to today. “Pope Clement V in the 14thCentury relocated the seat of the Catholic Church to Avignon, France…..It was Pope Clement who gave the order to send the Crusades out to the Levant, as in the “L” in ISIL. So to them, they would be fighting the armies of Rome when they target France.” It was this order that removed the Muslims from Jerusalem. Israel is part of the real estate that makes up the “Levant”. The decision makers have polarized, organized, and targeted Israel on every front imaginable. Truth of the matter is this, you cannot organize Israel. 
Recently, ISIS conquered the small farming town in Northern Syria: Dabiq. This brings an interesting dichotomy as Russia entered the Middle East with a presence of their own. Beck eerily connects the dots to present day realities. “The Byzantine Empire was known as the 2nd Rome. Byzantine; it was the champion of Christendom. After the fall of Byzantine, the Eastern Orthodox Church located itself up in Moscow. Ever since, the Russians have fancied themselves as the 3rd Rome.” Where were the Byzantines? Constantinople, then to Rome, then to Crimea.  “Putin has said that he wants Crimea because he wants the seat of the 3rdRome. They want to be champions of Christendom. He’s saying that to his own people. What do you think is going to happen if they come down here to Syria? It’s the same story repeating itself.” Why is it then such a strategic victory in the eyes of ISIS is to have taken the small farming town of Dabiq? “For Islamists, Dabiq holds the key to the beginning of End Times. The Islamic prophecy is, ‘The Armies of Rome will enter Dabiq and set up their camp.” Continuing on, Beck reveals the urgency of what is being played out in the Middle East, “They come in, across Turkey and into Dabiq. The armies of Islam will meet them there and they are supposed to win a decisive battle; and Rome will be defeated; and the countdown to the Apocalypse will have begun.”


You don’t have to believe this. But Radical Islamists do. When you read the very words of Revelation, there has to be an army that sets themselves up against the Lamb, against the Jews, and against the armies of God. All of the events that are taking place at this very moment can be wrapped up in one critical and urgent question: “Have you made Jesus Christ the Lord of your Life?” Watch the full report of what is happening, how each of the dots of past history connect to today’s realities, and so much more.  Also shared in this segment: France, Islamic End Times, Sykes-Picot, Radical Islam, Islamism, It IS About Islam, Inquisition, Arabia, President Obama, Holy War, Rome, Mahdi, 12th Imam, Muslim Brotherhood, Israel, War of Gog and Magog, and end times. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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Appeal to Heaven Prayer Movement Taking Off Around the Nation
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