7 Days in the Holy Land with Franklin Graham and Cissie Graham Lynch SERIES

In this series, join Franklin Graham and his daughter Cissie Graham Lynch as the travel throughout the many parts of the Holy Land, Israel. When we think of Israel, we may think primarily of the city Jerusalem or the Western Wall within the city. After taking more than 30 trips to  Israel, Franklin shares many breathtaking views and areas throughout the land of Israel while also sharing specific stories from the pages of the Bible where these truths originated from. Hear the water lapping against the boat as you see the Sea of Galilee, see the weathered stones of Capernaum, where Jesus carried out much of His ministry, the very spring where Gideon selected his 300 men, the tomb that Jesus was reportedly buried in after being crucified, and many more locations. Stay tuned for follow on additions as this is a developing journey.
Courtesy of  Alexey Stiop/Shutterstock.com



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