Are Saudi Arabia’s Chickens coming Home to Roost? Oil Selling Below $40 a Barrel Forcing Saudi Kingdom to Cut Benefits as More Awareness comes forth Regarding their Role in Spreading Terrorism

LISTEN NOW!The world is watching as Iran and Saudi Arabia continue to distance themselves further and further. In a dialogue between CBN’s George Thomas and Terrorism Analyst, Erick Stakelbeck, they dialogue about the growing concern that Saudi Arabia plays in the existence of terrorism. When taking into consideration the reports of Saudi Araba fighting against ISIS, one may perceive that the ideologies of the two differ. According to Stakelbeck, this is not true, “If you look at it, they believe the same things: jihad, death to the infidel, death to the Jews, and Christians are inferior, women are inferior, etc. They believe the same things; it’s just that ISIS and al-Qaeda are actually acting on those beliefs right now in a violent, very real way.”
As Saudi Arabia has continued to be a world supplier of oil, there is an interesting contradiction considering the reality of Saudi fighting against ISIS, while also reportedly supplying oil to them. Ironically enough, Stakelbeck shares how America ties into this as well, “Since World War II, since the days of F.D.R. we’ve had very deep relationships, especially on the economic end with the Saudi royal family.”
As the cost of a single barrel of oil is continuing to plummet, the exposure of Saudi’s possible involvement comes as an additional economic strain. Because of the tumbling oil prices, the government of Saudi Arabia is retracting government subsidies. Could this be a spark to an Arab Spring within Saudi Arabia?

Hear the full story to understand what is taking place within the Middle East, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Wahhabism, Mecca, Medina, Muslim Brotherhood, Radical Islam, rights, and oil. John and Steve shared in this segment.
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