Family Research Council: State of the Family

 WATCH FULL PROGRAM! There have been many attacks that have been witnessed throughout the world as well as in our nation. One of the areas that has received constant attacks is the family itself. President of the Family Research Council, Tony Perkins, shared the dire reality that families are currently facing. “The whole family is really at the core of who we are as a people, and that is really guided by our faith. And, as Christians, if we can’t live according to our faith, whether it’s in the home, whether it’s in the workplace, or in school, then we really can’t be the Americans that we have the right to be.”

Currently, people are looking everywhere for the possible solutions that will solve our present situations. Looking horizontally will never produce an answer. Only when we seek the vertical perspective, will we recognize where our help comes from; through God.

Family is not easy. When we are young, we may have, or may have had theories about what family is and what it is supposed to be, but when we begin to actually walk out family, we understand the reality that we need God! An important perspective of family is this: F.A.M.I.L.Y.-forget about me, I love you. When we begin to operate in family as God originally designed it to be we will see His hand of blessing upon it. Hear the full report regarding the State of the Family, how we can walk family out with a Biblical understanding, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: beliefs, values, lawsuits, monsters, and humility. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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