Prophetic Dream: Jim Bakker-The Military Draft is Coming but Our Young People are not Ready

LISTEN NOW! Over the past short years, there has been radical changes and decisions happening throughout our nation. With the release of Jim Bakker’s most recent prophetic dream, the days ahead may be our most difficult yet. With his own words, he shares about the dream, “I saw, in a dream, young people, I would say teenagers, maybe 20 year olds, and they were crying.” He continues to share what the Lord said to him about this encounter. “In the future…things are gonna get so bad soon, that the draft is going to be reinstated in the United States of America; and the kids that have to go to war don’t want to go. They are not ready. They are not ready mentally, physically, let alone spiritually.” As Jim Bakker writes about what he was shown, these are the very words he wrote down, “THEY WERE CRYING AS DRAFT WAS BEING REINSTATED AND IT WAS A TIME OF GREAT CONFUSION.”


In our nation, the Selected Service was created as a mandate that all males are required to register within 30 days of their 18thbirthday. This is to be done in the case of the nation going to war and males, from the ages of 18-25, being drafted to go to war. This was carried out when President Roosevelt enacted the draft in 1940. What does this mean? If someone is 18-25 years old, there is no choice about serving in the military. It is a requirement as numbers are chosen randomly.


What is even more concerning is the recent decision to fully integrate women into all combat positions within the military. With this adoption, BOTH our sons AND our daughters may be drafted into war in the coming days. To add an even more precarious danger to this reality, is the structure of the Nuclear Agreement with Iran. Reportedly, if a nation were to attack Iran, then the United States would respond to the aid of IRAN due to the framework of the agreement! This raises some dangerous realities. What if Israel were to attack Iran? Does that mean that the United States would find them in a place of attacking Israel? Does that mean that we would be sending our sons and daughters to serve in the military to fight against ISRAEL?! This is a Dietrich Bonhoeffer moment.


Don’t be caught off guard or shocked when the days ahead become our reality. Understand now what the warnings of the Lord are and how you can prepare, not only yourselves, but also your family. If we know someone is going to war, the best preparation we can share with them is the love of Jesus Christ. As the Church, we must recognize the importance of defending Israel, standing WITH Israel, and not going to war against Israel. Hear this full report to see what is taking place, how we are currently fighting the same war as the first war our nation experienced, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Jim Bakker, prophetic dream, warning, war, confusion, veterans, suicide, Vietnam War, World War III, CNN, sleeper cells, Marine Leathernecks, Tripoli, 21 Christians Beheaded, and humility. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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