Prophetic Word: The Seat of Evil will Fall and the Seat of the Righteous will Rise

LISTEN NOW! God has recently made known that THE SEAT OF EVIL WILL COME DOWN AND THE SEAT OF RIGHTEOUS WILL RISE. When the enemy is overcome, it’s not going to come down without a cry or a shout. When the enemy is going down, everything gets put on the table, desperate measures are being implemented. The recent prophetic word that has been released and shared from Brian Carn lines up accordingly.


In a vision that Carn shares he recently had, He was having a conversation with Hillary Clinton. He asked her this question, “Are you sure you want to be President?” He continued to share with her that “the next 8 years are gonna be worse than the last 8 years”.


Carn continues to share about this prophetic encounter with the words that the Lord gave him while traveling, shortly after his vision. “The Lord said there is a lethal virus coming to America that’s gonna come through terrorism; a lethal virus. Prepare for World War III.’ As Carn continues to share about what the Lord made known to him, he shared specifics about this election year;


The Lord says there’s going to be a forced conclusion that’s coming to the White House. People will lose trust in the voting process. They will deny and doubt America’s political processes to vote and acquire leadership. This next election will be manipulated. Even Trump will confront his faith and stir many to a position of place to rioting. This will cause upheaval to come because the political gain was revealed in this upcoming season for it shall be historic says the Lord; and Hillary will be found at the end of the day smiling with success as a new war begins. The saying goes, ‘The bigger they are, the harder they fall.’, and this will be Trump’s greatest blunder and his mockery will be his legacy says the Lord.


It is encouraging to note, that amidst the difficult and trying times, will come the greatest harvest of souls into the Kingdom.


God has recently made revealed the significance of what took place during 1967. When President Obama said to Israel that they would have to return to the border lines of 1967, Chuck Pierce revealed that we, America, would go back to 1967, which is, in essence, the problems of today with the mindsets of 1967. Some of the notable events that occurred in 1967 will grab your attention when we look at current headlines of today. In 1967, the 25th Amendment was established. In 1967, North Korea had a nuclear bomb. Today they are reportedly testing a hydrogen bomb, which is worse.

God has a process in store that will bring about the tilling up of the hearts of men. Through all of this, The Church will thrive. The Church will multiply. There is an encouraging reminder to understand when we hear the realities of today and it is important to know. Hear the full prophetic encounter, what is taking place, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: prophecy, hardship, World War 3, crisis, Donald Trump, Presidents, voting processes, humiliation, mockery, Russia, 9/11 bombing, and humility. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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