WATCH! Recent Executive Orders; Difference between Republic and Democracy; and Are we Losing our Civil Liberties?


 President Obama’s Executive Action on Gun Control and the Use of Presidential Powers 
The President has recently resolved to introduce an executive order regarding guns and the sales of guns in America. Reportedly, this is a response to close the “gun show loophole”. CBN’s White House Correspondent, Jennifer Wishon, commented about the President’s recent actions by stating, “The President wants to force gun sellers to register as federally licensed dealers. That will then require those dealers to run background checks on gun buyers”. With this implementation of an executive order, some may not understand what that implies. In its most basic understanding, “One person is making a decision for  322 million Americans without input from Congress, State Legislatures, or Courts; and it can just as easily be changed by the next President with the stroke of a pen and no input from anyone else.”
The answer to the rising terrorist actions in America is not the passing of new laws. Another law being passed would not have stopped a criminal from committing illegal activities. With the introduction of this Executive Order regarding guns in America it contradicts the standing laws that have been existing. Breitbart expounds, “The expansion of background checks is an affront to freedom in general, because it brings private sellers under the purview of the government regardless of whether those sellers sell one gun a year or 100.” If we are not aware of the simple understandings that are spelled out plainly in the Constitution, then we will be unaware of the rights that are being overtly overlooked.
Be informed as you see the understanding of what is taking place, the implications of these events, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Constitution, Bill of Rights, 2nd Amendment, Background checks, and concealed weapons. John and Steve shared on this segment. 
The Difference between a Democracy and a Republic
 More than once, you may have heard someone refer to the basic design of America as a “democracy”. You may have heard it in conversation, on the news, or said it yourself. The truth is, America is not a democracy, it’s a republic. In its simplest understanding, a democracy is just to have the majority. If democracy is in fact the case that means that the minority loses their rights to what the majority desires. In order to understand the republic, James Madison shares a simple understanding of a republic. He says it this way, “The people would naturally divide themselves into groups, factions, factions would have different interests, different beliefs, and different desires. These many different factions over a large extended republic would prevent a majority of citizens coming together to oppress a minority.”
We have to pay attention to the decisions that are being made within confines of our government. It appears that our civil liberties are not only being taken away, but they are also being given away. Why? It is because many do not understand what is written within our Constitution. Prager University expounds on this stating “that misunderstanding has led to a serious erosion of our freedom”. By looking at the original intent that the founders had for the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government, we can see how far we have drifted from the original intended design.
Be empowered and informed to understand, not only what is going on, but why the decisions are being made, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Bill of Rights, Framers of the Constitution, Federalist Papers, judicial review, The Supreme Court, and rights. John and Steve shared in this segment.

The Story behind the Story of “God’s Not Dead 2” the Movie 
 As each new Christian blockbuster is released, they are getting better and better. The original story of “God’s Not Dead” is being continued with an upcoming release. The story began with God being put on trial, “in the classroom”. In “God’s Not Dead 2”, the story continues in the classroom and ends up in the courtroom of the public square. Watch the behind-the-scenes perspective of the story-behind-the story as well as the trailer to the new release. You just may be compelled to invite your friends and family to attend the release date with you. Also shared in this segment: Freedom of Religion, worship, persecution, and boldness. John and Steve shared in this segment.

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