OVER 25 MILLION CHRISTIANS DID NOT VOTE, IN 2012, since 2012 election was determined by a 5 Million Vote Variable, it says OVER 25 MILLION Christians Voted for ALL CURRENT LEADERSHIP, BY NOT VOTING! IT’S TIME FOR ALL CHRISTIANS TO VOTE! VFNtv.com/Vote

LISTEN NOW! We want to make a difference in America. As Christians, we are called to let our light shine and share the love of Christ to others in our daily lives by telling others who Jesus Christ is. When we begin to understand the powerful impact we are given by voting, we begin to see just how much impact we can have by helping others see this importance and getting them registered to vote as well. “There’s 90 Million Christians in America and less than 2/3 of them actually voted in 2012. What if each one of us reached just one? What if each one of us pledged to get just one new Christian voter?”


You can go to vfntv.com/vote now and get registered to vote today. Be encouraged and empowered to understand your significant impact on this upcoming Presidential Election, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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