Brazen Gun Theft Gang of 10 Steal 50 Guns in 1 Minute and 11 Seconds!

When a Houston, Texas gun store bolted and locked their metal doors for the night, they didn’t know that their doors would be yanked off the hinges. At 4:30 am, 10 men not only ripped the doors off, but also made off with more than 50 weapons. All of this was done in 79 seconds. The days that we are living have been prophesied about and warned about. Watch the full event, as well as more prophecies of what is taking place, of the best of times, the worst of times, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: robbery, ABC News, crime, and gun laws.  Greg and John shared in this segment.

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Prophesy: Jesus said, “It is Finished! ‘God says He’s Not Finished with America, or… and He’s Just Getting Started,’ Prophetic Word by Tim Sheets, Appeal to Heaven Conference

By looking at just some of the events that have transpired in America, some have resulted to throw up their hands and say “It is finished!” This is the wrong perspective and the wrong focus. When speaking at the ‘Appeal to Heaven Conference’, at Church of His Presence, in Daphne, Alabama, Tim Sheets shares the encouraging word that The Lord revealed to him. “I said IT is finished, Not I am finished.” Sheets continues to share what the Lord revealed, “I finished redemption for sin on the Cross, but I’m not done. I’m not done with My Church. I will finish building My Church. It will be glorious. It will be without spot or wrinkle. It will rain in My Name. It will not be intimidated, scared, or confused, bewildered, tepid, or spineless. I’m not done. I’m not near done!”


If someone thinks that God is finished, or God is done, what would that mean for The Church? God has written America off. The encouragement that God reveals continues; “I’m NOT finished with America. I’m not finished with this world. I’m not finished with my Kingdom on this Earth which means YOU’RE NOT FINISHED!”  The continuing words give increasing hope and encouragement amidst the many repeated naysayers who have much to say against what God has planned. “My Church is not done when the government says its done…when The President says it’s done…when the media says it’s done…when professors say it’s done…when the IRS says it’s done…when hireling shepherds say it’s done. IT’S DONE WHEN I SAY IT’S DONE! AND I SAY IT’S NOT DONE” This is so encouraging. Our God is greater than all the plans and schemes that the devil has in mind. Watch and see this entire prophetic word, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: prophecy, Dutch Sheets, Glory of God, Hindus, Muslims, homosexuality, addiction, alcoholism, drug addiction, abortion, marriage, Ecclesia, Gates of Hell, demons, and authority. Greg and John shared in this segment.

BDS” A False Apartheid Movement Coming Against Israel?  “DBS Not only a Lie but Makes Light of the South African Apartheid” says Olga Meshoe of South Africa’s ‘DEISI’ Organization

Olga Meshoe grew up in South Africa during some of the nation’s hardest and most difficult days in its days of Apartheid. She witnessed the war torn culture and the harsh division of culture in her daily life. With this real life experience of what ‘Apartheid’ truly is and what it truly means, she has her own response when she hears that Israel is an ‘Apartheid State’. “When I hear that Israel is an apartheid state, when people make that accusation, depending on the mood I’m in I either break out laughing or I get really, really angry – because it’s an absolute lie”. Amidst the many voices of the BDS Movement, seeking to boycott, divest, and establish sanctions against Israel, Meshoe is the CEO of ‘DEISI’, an organization designed to ‘Defend. Embrace. Invest. Support. Israel’. CBN’s Pat Robertson recently sat down with Olga to hear more about her perspective of Israel and her experiences growing up in South Africa. What many don’t know is that apartheid literally means “the state of being apart”. During South Africa’s Apartheid, the nation experienced segregation. From education, to hospitalization, Meshoe shares, “black and white people couldn’t be together”. Contrary to this reality, Israel is the most democratic state in the Middle East.


When the media consistently shares a jaded perspective regarding the reality of Israel, Meshoe shares her own response, “But how dare you take that and use it to incite violence, use it to incite and encourage the destruction of a people just because you don’t like them…”. In order to properly respond to these lies, we must engage those who are uninformed, those who are misinformed about the reality of Israel, and boldly share truth. Lies are only dispelled with facts of what is true. Hear the full interview with Olga Meshoe, how Israel
is different than any other nation in the Middle East, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Israel, segregation, South Africa, supporting, investing, truth, and CBN. Greg and John shared in this segment.

Socialism in America Gaining Popularity? Who is Your God?


In previous days, the difference between Americanism and Communism USED to be taught in American schools. Today’s reality shines a different story. Currently, we have people who desire to be leaders of our nation who are proclaiming and pushing socialism. Socialism is the same as communism. America works because be we are one nation under God. We are not one nation under government.Individuals such as Adolf Hitler did not just appear in leadership; they were elected by a people that were told what they wanted to hear.


Bernie Sanders has boldly shared about his plans for a nicer sounding, “Democratic Socialism”. When CBN took a deeper look at some of his plans, the results were not assuring. When many young adults are facing an uphill battle with student loans and unemployment rates, some of his statements are obviously cheered for. “Healthcare should be a right of all people”, “The right to go to a public college, tuition free”, and “at least three months of paid family and medical leave” sure do sound pleasing. What does it look like for a nation who has carried out these plans?


CBN looks across the horizon of Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela, whose outcome are not the most desirable. Just one look at France and we can see that this is a road that we do not want to venture down. Contrary to offering more free benefits and more paid vacation, President of France, François Hollande, is doing all he can to end the mindset of Socialism in France. In a nation that has a 35-hour work week, increasing the hours worked results in protests and riots.


There is a reason why some don’t want the public to know about Socialism. With the increasing rhetoric against Capitalism in American schools, there appears to be an agenda behind-the-scenes. The term paper written by a senior college student, then Hillary Rodham, talks about these same ideas. It was the ideas that mirrored the beliefs of Saul Alinsky. If these are the actions that we choose instead of the ways of God, no matter what they are, it does not turn out good. Hear this full report of what is taking place in America, throughout Socialist nations, and so much more. Also shared in this segment, “There Is Only the Fight”, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, unemployment, benefits, education, healthcare, Republic, Religion, and Democracy. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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