Bulldozer Coming to Washington D.C.? House of Cards Coming Down?

LISTEN NOW! When we see the events of today that are unfolding, some may think that we are in the last days. When a woman received a dream about the White House, initially it may have looked like destruction; but, after everything was said and done there were times of refreshing ahead.


A woman shares her dream,

We were in a room watching a flat screen TV during the Refreshing Times Conference waiting for one of the roll-ins to start playing. The screen starts to malfunction. Then, all of a sudden, a feed comes up, and it’s The White House…Immediately in my head, I’m thinking, here we go, it’s happening, it’s starting. It’s the last of the last days, Anti-Christ, One World Government, etc.


All of a sudden this big bulldozer bulldozes through the parking lot of cars and right through the White House just like it was a deck of cards. So we start praying in the spirit immediately.


Initially, we can think that only destruction is coming. As one who has given accurate responses and interpretations of dreams, John Paul Jackson shares how the bulldozer is a good thing. “You’re seeing man’s plans; and your seeing God saying, ‘I have a plan that will bulldoze right through the plans of men.” If we like where we are going, then it will be like the last days. God is merciful and He has times of refreshing in store. These words are very encouraging as it lines up with what God has said in a previous prophetic word, that “Washington D.C. is a house of cards.” Hear the entire dream, interpretation, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Eric Cantor, Kevin Spacey, The White House, dreams, and visions. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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Prophetic Dream:  John Paul Jackson, Joni Lamb – 
Bulldozer through the White House, like a deck of cards

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