Hybrid Humans Animal and Humans Mixed Experiments Already Conducted with Plans to alter Constitution to include Transhumans?

LISTEN NOW! Since the beginning of Creation, men have been trying to work their way up to the heights of God. We see this demonstrated in Genesis 11:1-9,when the Tower of Babel was created. Man has tried to imitate God. This was the very same strategy of Satan when he said that he would raise his throne above God, in Isaiah 14:13-16. Today, men are doing the same thing, trying to breed humans with animals; hybrid seeds.

During a discussion, John Paul Jackson’s own response to these developments were, “This is weird and the implications of this, are kind of scary!” Men are carrying our experiments creating a human-animal hybrid. Currently, they are letting the form live for 14 days in the embryonic stage. Based on the studies, these developments contain life. The problem with this experiment is that what is being created is no longer human.

During one design, scientists have mixed human skin with a spider. With the discovery that a spider’s web is stronger than Kevlar. In this design, a bullet is shot at a piece of skin. Watching the experiment, it can be seen that the bullet doesn’t go through. As a response, John Paul Jackson shares the implications of these experiments. “You end up getting something that can protect humans…Then anything that can protect humans becomes viable or legal.” The eerie prospects continue as a dialogue ensues about the possibilities of being able to harvest human organs inside animals. When headlines are released about these developments, they may initially sound wonderful, but think first about what this means. Mankind is again, thinking they can become like God.


These developments are happening in the United Kingdom as well as in America. In fact, Parliament has reportedly stated this as the reason to move forward with these discoveries, ‘We will lose our lead as…researchers in the stem cell community, if we don’t push forward with all of these things.’


Mankind continues to formulate and contemplate on how to live longer. You can live forever, with no sickness or disease, by choosing to give your life to Jesus Christ. It’s better to live a short life that brings glory to God, and spend eternity with Him; than to live a long life and be separated from God for all of eternity. Don’t be surprised when you see these headlines coming across news feeds. Watch the full conversation, more about these shocking discoveries, God’s perspective, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: hybrid seeds, judgment, Nephilim, Constitution, Discovery, National Geographic, and sheep’s brains. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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