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LISTEN NOW! Where is John! Some may have noticed that his smile has not been recently seen within the VFNtv Studios! That’s because he is talking to our many business leaders in our community that have joined with VFNtv in order to shine the Light to all of our audience!

To put an ad in one of our local newspapers can cost upwards of $700-$800 that only last for a few days. For less than that, business leaders can partner with us and get their business broadcasted over 1.4 million people EVERYDAY!


It is so encouraging to know that businesses are standing with us. It’s one thing to read it, but to see and hear individuals in our community run up to us with a joyful embrace just to share how grateful they are to see hopeful and encouraging news that shares the Biblical perspective about current events is very exciting! Reserve your spot TODAY in the limited space available to be VFNtv Partner or Sponsor.


VFNtv Celebrates Our 4 Year Anniversary!!
“I Dare You all to Pursue True Truth which is Only Found in Jesus Christ”, Salutatorian of Tate High School, Lauren Kirkland, Shares Bold words about Jesus Christ during Graduation Speech

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