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Is this the Zero Hour? How Important Are Sheriffs and Pastors? Understanding the Jihadi Generation: part 4 Discussion with John Guandolo, Former FBI Agent and Terrorism Expert

 In this next part of the discussion regarding the growing threat of Radical Islam in America, it is important to recognize prophetic warnings the Lord has made known. When the late John Paul Jackson was on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural, he shared what the Lord showed him regarding Islam. “I saw that there was going to be an attempt upon his (the president) life.” When Roth asked “by who” he responded, “I saw that it was going to be by the Islamic Community but make it look like it was racially motivated.” If such a horrendous act would occur, Jackson continues to share, “there would be incredible race riots in the streets, like we’ve never seen before in this nation. It would be worse than Rwanda.” With the context of this discussion with John Guandolo, we can see why it is imperative that we continue to pray for President Obama, for there to be safety upon his life, his family, and those who are protecting him.


The threat of Radical Islam in North America can no longer be ignored. When John Guandolo was recently on the Jim Bakker Show it was this very threat that continued to be discussed and how it is effecting the ability to hire law enforcement in America. It is this very strategy, coming against the authority, that is taught like a playbook from the pages of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Over the course of these discussions, Guandolo has detailed the intricate network of Jihadists that are being woven throughout our culture. He doesn’t stop.


Guandolo continues to detail how this network has not only grown into our airports, but also the leadership within them. “If you look at the majority of airports within the United States, the preponderance of taxi drivers is Muslim…what you’re seeing is, taxi drivers who are Ethiopian, Coptic Christian, and others, are being harassed to the point of being threatened until they just quit and then the person who replaces them is a Muslim.” This reality is just the beginning. That is OUTSIDE the airport. But, what about INSIDE the airport? “For American Airlines, the guy who’s the lead trainer for the baggage handlers at Sky Harbor Airportis a Hamas Leader.”Even after Guandolo has challenged the airlines, American Airlines is defending the Hamas Leader. Bottom line: this is a national security threat.


The threat involving our airports doesn’t stop there. Guandolo continues as he moves the attention to shuttle drivers. “They’re preparing the battlefield…their own document says, ‘the people they have inside the government, who are either in advisory positions or in other positions, their purpose right now, when they win, because they think they’re gonna win, these people will be the shadow government. They’re the people who will be in leadership positions.”  Guandolo continues, “Right now, their purpose is to influence our policy, our actions, both foreign policy domestic counter-terrorism strategy and to gather intelligence, because they’re preparing the battlefield as they build more Mosques.” This is vital to understand. This is not just happenstance. This is intricate strategy that is being carried out within America and has been carried out within America for decades.


In America, we see the practice of faith as within accordance to the First Amendment. From the eyes of Islam, a Mosque is not simply a place to carry out one’s faith. In order to understand what a Mosque is used for within Islam, we have to understand how Mohammed used a Mosque as how Islam teaches. Guandolo emphasizes, “He used a Mosque to teach the Islamic community about Islam, to have social functions, they had food and beverages there, they had weapons and ammunitions there, Jihadist slept there, Jihadist trained there, they planned battles there, that’s the place from which they launched battles. That is what a Mosque is!” As the Church, we have to take this enemy seriously. We have to take them at the words that are being said against the values of America and believe that if someone believes these ideals, they are going to act upon them. “We as Christians have an obligation. Christianity is the foundation of the government and the Rule of Law.”


If we understand that the network has in fact penetrated the borders of America, the greater concern is to know if this same network has penetrated the borders of government. Bakker asked this clear question, “How many of the Muslim Brotherhood are operating within the inside of our government?” The response that Guandolo shares reveals just how bad this threat has penetrated the leadership of America.


“You’re not going to find somebody working inside the Pentagon, The White House, The State Department, CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), DHS (Department of Homeland Security) in an advisory role or a position that is not aligned with their ideology, or in the case of the Senior Islamic Advisors, all of them are Muslim Brotherhood leaders. We can identify them by name.”

As Bakker continues with his own realization understanding that we have been infiltrated, Guandolo immediately responds with this sobering truth, “Oh sure. Who do you think has been writing your foreign policy?” As a saddening truth, the
Muslim Brotherhood has been inside our government since before the Obama Administration; only in the present administration have they been able to operate as they are.

All of these events and truths that we have been discussing, leading up to this, have all been in preparation for this next event. The Muslim Brotherhood has termed it as ZERO HOUR. Guandolo shares a deeper level of what this means. “That’s the term they use for when it goes ‘HOT’, meaning when the Jihad goes violent: “OFFENSIVE JIHADI OPERATIONS”.The Islamic movement has a 6-phase plan as a Global Movement to implement Sharia. But, there is also a 5-phase plan, called the “World Underground Movement Plan” that details how to overthrow a government. Interestingly enough, the 5 phase plan that the Muslim Brotherhood planned to use to take over the government of America was found during an FBI raid within Annandale, Virginia, which is only a few miles away from Washington. It was inside this home that the archives of the Muslim Brotherhood for North America were found. With an understanding of military operations, there is a training time, up until the mission starts. When the mission starts, that is ZERO HOUR. Essentially, everything that we have been seeing in America, has been nothing more than preparation.


In order to further understand these implications, Guandolo highlights the importance of looking at the Muslim Brotherhood’s bylaws and Explanatory Memorandum, “It (bylaws) exists to bring about the Islamic State under Sharia and their Explanatory Memorandum says what they’re doing in North America is waging civilization Jihad in order to sabotage our Western powers from within.”We cannot simply see these as documents. Up until present days, these plans have intricately been carried out in America. To bring these phases to present day, Guandolo emphasizes each of the phases, “If you look at those phases from 2000 until today, when they were gonna establish the Caliphate, is exactly when the Caliphate was established; when they were gonna launch the revolution in Egypt, exactly in the timeline. 2016 to 2020 are the years that they say THEY GO HOT in Europe and in the West.”


We can see clearly now how the Muslim Brotherhood has not only infiltrated America, but also the government. There are additionally nefarious plans that they are seeking to carry out in within our society. Guandolo explains; “If you look at the Muslim Brotherhood and what they say about working with the Socialist, Marxist, Revolutionary Groups, like Black Lives Matter; you have the leader of Hamas, doing business as, Council on American-Islamic Relations, Nihad Awad… at a Muslim Brotherhood Conference… saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ is our matter”. Additionally, another speaker at this same event, Khalilah Sabra, are calling for open revolution within America. “She is calling for violent revolution and she also has been accredited by DHS and DOJ to be on their oversight boards for their immigration policy.” These are overt, public statements.


To put an even closer timeline on these events, Guandolo emphasizes, “I think we are no longer years away. We are now months away. I think in the next, certainly 12-16 months, that’s a reality.”  As a response, Guandolo highlights how we must respond by focusing at the local level;


‘This is going to be a county by county fight. SO, sheriffs and pastors become two of the most important people groups. Sheriffs because they are the most powerful law enforcement officers in the United States; pastors, because if they were to actually speak the truth about this, more than just a handful, and got people energized, then the people could put pressure on local elected officials to allow law enforcement to be very aggressive in taking care of the issue at the local level.’

Truth of the matter is this: The Constitution and Sharia cannot exist simultaneously. Sharia Law sees itself as over the Constitution. Sharia Law is not simply a belief system. It is a totalitarian system that seeks to control politically, socially, religiously, and governmentally. We are seeing a nation of blinded minds walk unsuspectingly through these deceptions and lies. How can we as the Church know what the lie is if we don’t know the truth? God is fashioning a storm against America. He will take care of those who are His.

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WATCH! How Many Jihadists are Coming Into America? Former FBI Agent John Guandolo Continues Discussion about the Generation of Jihad
How to understand Islam through the Lens of Sharia. Understanding the Jihadi Generation: part 1 Discussion with John Guandolo, Former FBI Agent and Terrorism Expert

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