WATCH! Former FBI Agent John Guandolo talks about the Generation of Jihad, America infiltrated by Islam, and interpreting everything with the lens of Sharia


How to understand Islam through the Lens of Sharia – Understanding the Jihadi Generation a Discussion with John Guandolo, Former FBI Agent and Terrorism Expert Part 1

 Continual discussions are happening abroad and in America about the increasing level of Radical Islam in the world. In order to have a better understanding regarding Islam, we must seek out a source that is not only knowledgeable but also has the experience in the subject matter. John Guandolo is a former FBI Special Agent who created and implemented the FBI’s first counterterrorism training and education program about the Muslim Brotherhood. Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge”. The information that Guandolo shares is the knowledge that many are unaware of. As Guandolo puts it, “I think my gift is…is to take a pretty complicated situation and boil it down into bite-size nuggets that makes sense to the average person.” He is also the creator of


When Guandolo was a recent guest on the Jim Bakker Show, Bakker presented him quickly and asked him about the Brussels bombing that recently occurred. According to Guandolo, it comes down to “a populous who prefers to get along than to do what is right.” The people of Brussels are simply not “calling their leadership to do its duty”.He further explains the situation, “we know now in Brussels that the intelligence and law enforcement agencies, over there in Belgium, were aware of these cells of Islamic Jihadist; they were aware of the danger and they did nothing.” According to reports by the New York Times, police in Brussels are unable to carry out raids after 9pm because of recently passed laws.


When asked why we are being so gentlemanly towards those that want to kill us, Guandolo bluntly responds, “We are more concerned with not offending than doing our duty.” Regardless of what our nation’s leadership has said regarding the motives and actions of Islam we must understand Islam from the perspective of Islam. As Guandolo shares about how the warfighting doctrine of America teaches to assess an enemy he intricately states how Islam has presented itself. “100% of this enemy says we are Muslims waging Jihad in the cause of Allah in order to establish an Islamic Caliphate, Global Islamic State, under Sharia, Islamic Law.”He further explains, “100% of the individuals that we either kill or capture on the battlefield, that we arrest in Europe, or the United States, or really North America, all say this. They all say it in their letters, in their videos, in their speeches, its published in their doctrine; it’s in the Muslim Brotherhood bylaws, it’s very conclusively what they are saying.” As obvious as these statements are, there has been a continual lack of response since 9/11.


At this point, why have none of our governmental leaders, especially those in the national security community learned about what Islam teaches? This is what our warfighting doctrine says to do in order to understand the enemy. Guandolo answers that question. “You cannot teach Sharia inside the government, inside the Department of Defense, or anywhere else.” If this were not aggravating enough, Guandolo continues to share about what is in fact taking place within our government. “The very people advising our government…we can do it by name, in the Congress, in the National Security Staff, the White House, the FBI, CIA, these are Muslim Brothers advising our senior government officials whose stated objective is exactly what I just said.” Just like how the people of Brussels have responded to their leadership, in the West, the same is being done. The leadership is not being held accountable to their duties. On the contrary, they “have continued to reach out to entities and individuals that are easily identifiable as Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and al-Qaeda leaders who wear suits…they are suit-wearing-Jihadist.”


In order to properly address the many concerns, we have to check our own understanding in the simplest of terms. When we think of the horrifying events that took place during 9/11, many Americans think of the word “terrorism”. This was actually Jihad. In order to understand Islam, we have to see these events through the lens of Islamic Law, known as Sharia Law. The reason why, as Guandolo expresses is simply, “they actually believe it; they want to impose it on the world; and it’s their blueprint for how they fight.” As an example, the word terrorism, as understood in the West is not the understanding from the perspective of Islam. “Terrorism is killing a Muslim without right.” In order to understand this, there is a deeper understanding that must be met regarding when a Muslim can kill another Muslim. If a Muslim leaves Islam, apostasy, this warrants death from another Muslim. Guandolo shares more deeply, “If a Muslim kills another Muslim unjustly, meaning outside of the Sharia, then that Muslim can be killed. If they violate a law in Sharia that has Capital Crime, then they can be killed.”


In the environment of war, this is critical to understand be aware of what Sharia Law teaches and expects. As Guandolo shares, our leaders do not. Looking at what took place on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, we get a better look at this. With a military perspective, yes we defeated the enemy, but we arrived home with a loss. “We lost many years before that, … when the State Department …wrote the Constitutions for Iraq and Afghanistan that established Islamic Republics under Sharia. That’s when we lost.” Guandolo expresses this occurred in either 2005 or 2006. “Until we understand what Sharia actually says and what its requirements are, and how it effects the Muslim and the non-Muslim community, we don’t have a chance of winning this war because we won’t know how to fight it.”


In order to successfully fight Islam, we have to understand their defeat mechanism. As Gaundolo puts it, “what do we need to do for them to know they’re defeated…If you don’t know Sharia, how can you answer that question?” After all these years, why do our leaders not yet understand this? Sharia teaches to increase Jihad the more the West presents itself as compassionate. “Because the Jihad comes from Allah, according to Islam, he doesn’t lose at Jihad. So if Jihadist are losing, they’re not Jihadist, they are criminals. And if they are consistently losing, and the community, the Muslim community sees that, then the Muslim community is required to come out and kill these people cause they’re not Jihadist, they’re criminals.”


As many are still recovering from the bombing attacks in Brussels, some are asking if Europe has fallen? In 2009, Guandolo expressed his thoughts that England was lost. At the time, leaders in the area had contrary beliefs to his statements. But, after a British soldier was killed in broad daylight, for the cause of Islam, some of those same leaders backtracked their statements. Guandolo shares, “So long as we want to paint a rosy picture on a reality, were gonna have a hard time getting to the truth; And the truth is, you see in Europe the implementation of Sharia. Sharia is what they say they follow, it’s what they say they seek to impose on everybody, on the world.” By looking at these communities, we can see the growing compliance to Sharia Law. Guandolo shares a brief list of hallmark signs: the wearing of bourkas, sharia compliant beards, and beards dyed red with henna are just the beginning. As an important note, Guandolo continues, “this is not their religious expression, these are signs of compliance to foreign law, that specifically is hostile to U.S. Federal Code, The U.S. Constitution, State Code, and Local Ordinances, period.” It is a critical reminder that the Supreme Law of the Land is not Sharia Law, but in fact, The Constitution. With this being known, Sharia Law and the Constitution cannot exist in the same land at the same time. They are simply polar opposites.


To understand what Islam teaches towards non-Muslims reveals an even greater understanding of this. As Guandolo emphasizes what the Quran teaches, “It is a permanent obligation for all Muslims to wage Jihad in any way they can, of course within the law of Jihad and Sharia…You must wage Jihad until the entire world is under Sharia.” There is no mystical peaceful version of Islam. Nowhere in the Earth, is it taught. “It’s not taught at the first-grade level, and it’s not taught at the highest schools of jurisprudence on the planet…They don’t teach that. What they teach is what al-Qaeda teaches. What they teach is what Hamas teaches.” Guandolo continues, “it’s a capital crime in Islam for a Muslim to teach another Muslim something that is untrue about Islam…and it’s obligatory for Muslims to lie to non-Muslims if the goal is obligatory; and Jihad is obligatory.”


Our understanding of Islam is imperative if we are to understand the motives of those who follow Islam. According to Islam, the world is broken up into two parts; The Dar al-Harb and the Dar al-Islam, The House of War and The House of Islam. Everywhere that is not under Sharia Law, is considered The House of War. Specifically, as taught by Islam, “The purpose of Islam is to eliminate the Dar al-Harb (The House of War) until the entire world is the Dar al-Islam (The House of Islam) and then you have peace.” Only with this understanding can we then be clear as to why Islam considers itself the religion of peace. This itself brings explanation to the repeated statements of the timeframe when Muslims and Christians lived side-by-side in peace, for hundreds of years. More specifically, 791 years. This was a period of time when Christians were servitude to Sharia Law in Spain. It wasn’t until the Reconquista, in 1492 that Christians took back the land.

We are at the same moment where a similar realization is needed. If we do not submit to the teachings of Jesus Christ, it does not go well. There is no grey area. See the full discussion to get further insight in regards to what is happening throughout the world, what is taught within Islam, and so much more. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.