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450,000 Radical Jihadists Coming Over Southern Border-Understanding the Jihadi Generation: part 3 Discussion with John Guandolo, Former FBI Agent and Terrorism Expert

As the Jim Bakker Show recently had John Guandolo as a guest, the vital discussion of understanding the Jihadi Generation continues. We are recognizing now that the Muslim Brotherhood is in fact inside the West and carrying out a subversive plan. But, the question is, how deep? As a former Radical Jihadist, now a follower of Jesus Christ, Kamal Saleemshares that, according to 2010 reports from the US. Border Patrol, over 450,000 Radical Jihadists have crossed over America’s southern border. How is this number gathered? As Saleem continues, each of these have been apprehended and given a court date, but are ultimately released back into society. This is the numbers that are known.


As John Guandolo continues the conversation with the Jim Bakker, the ominous possibility of another 9/11 is made aware. In fact, this is the plan of the Muslim Brotherhood. When Guandolo is asked by law enforcement agencies, what is the most dangerous city in the Earth? he quickly states, “Brussels. Then, he shares why. Point by point, he explains, “#1 you can see Sharia Compliance deeply embedded in the community; #2 you have some of the weakest leadership that doesn’t want to offend; #3 you have serious NATO commands and other international commands there in Brussels; #4 you have a community of citizens that believe in unicorns, pink clouds, and cotton candy for everybody, so there is no bad people”. It is important to note these vital points so that the same mistakes are not made. The leadership is not the only ones to be focused upon, but also the people. Guandolo shares, “The people have a partial responsibility in these events because they are telling their leadership, ‘don’t you dare offend the Muslim Community’”. He continues by responding with this critical question, “Is it offensive to you that the airport and the train station got blown up?”


In the West, we are seeing a growing concern to not offendanyone with any type of speechthat is offensive to others. This is the very topics that have grown in the Brussels community. Guandolo continues to share how Muslims in Brussels have made threats if there is a hindrance towards Sharia Compliance growing in the community. According to Guandolo, an Imam in Europe said, “By now allowing women to wear head scarves, if you don’t allow this, there is going to be violence because you are suppressing our rights as Muslims.” Truth be told, Guandolo declares the truth as to what is actually happening. “No, you’re not. You’re suppressing Sharia, which is FOREIGN LAW… It is foreign lawn that they are trying to impose on citizens of sovereign nations.” When we know the simple truth of what Sharia stands for, we are able to boldly speak truth against lies.


By looking at the demonstration of Islamic Jihad throughout the world, there is a continual visualization of carnage and death. By understanding the beginnings of Islam, through the life of Mohammed, we see clearly that these events are nothing more than the replication of what Mohammed taught. “What is the example? The example is prophet Mohammed; you want to look at the Hadud laws which calls for beheadings, crucifixions, stonings, whippings, amputations, and that part of Islamic Law comes right out of the Koran: The Hadud Law”


As we see the understanding of where these gruesome and barbaric ideas are taught, we must be made aware of the threat that is now present within America. When Guandolo is asked about the specific gathering places of Radical Islamists in America, he shares about the important history of what is now known as the Muslim Brotherhood. When Mustafa Kamal Ataturk dissolved the Ottoman Empire, which was then “the seat of the Caliphate”, he established what is now known as the nation of Turkey. Ataturk was the first President of Turkey. Guandolo details Ataturk’s specific actions that the Radical Muslims did not take kindly too. “He abolished Sharia…He got rid of the wearing of the hijab, the growing of the beard, the call to prayer. He outlawed all that. He got rid of Arabic script and replaced it with Latin.” The Muslim Community did not take too kindly to these decisions and responded by creating their own group, “The Ikwan – The Society of Muslim Brothers, Brotherhood, whose sole purpose was to reestablish the Caliphate under Sharia.” When this group comes to the West in the 1950’s & 60’s they predominately settle in 3 distinct areas, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan. “In Illinois, in Chicago, the HUB for Hamas in the United States and the 2nd HUB would probably be Dallas, Texas.” If this weren’t concerning enough, Guandolo also shares, ‘The bank for the Muslim Brotherhood, ‘The North American Islamic Trust’ and The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which is the largest Muslim Brotherhood Organization in North America, is located in Plainfield, Illinois.’


What people believe is very important to understand. It is these beliefs that people will do. When we understand Islamic Law as taught from the Koran, we can see clearly that it is the Martyr that is held in the highest form of worship in Islam. When Guandolo presents a book that is 14th Century Islamic Law, Relianceof the Traveler,he surprises the audience by asking Bakker to read where the book is published, “Beltsville, Maryland”. This book is not only accepted by “the senior leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood”, but, as Guandolo shares, “it has a certification right here from Al-Azhar University. Now, Al-Azhar University is the highest school of Islamic jurisprudence on the planet.” This level of text may be over a few heads, but he then reaches for a textbook that is used in Islamic junior high schools, What Islam is All About. Within this text, the three duties of a Muslim are taught. One of which is Jihad. As Guandolo turns the book around, he points to the image of a tank on the page that gives clarification to any reader as to what specifically the text means by “Jihad”.


It is in this dialogue that Guandolo begins to share the importance of understanding what Islam teaches will happen to people when they die. According to Islam, there are two Jinns that sit on Muslim’s shoulders, one recording their bad deeds, and the other recording their good deeds. At the end of life, if the bad deeds outweigh the good deeds, the Muslim goes to hell. If the good deeds outweigh the bad deeds, the Muslim goes to paradise. But, there is one exception to these rules, The Martyr. As Guandolo shares, “The minute his drop of blood hits the ground, he immediately goes to paradise, he is allowed to take numerous, according to Islam, 70 members of his family members with him to paradise.” This is why Martyrs are celebrated in the Muslim Community. As a continuing reminder of these truths, it is vital to understand how Islamic truths are viewed between Muslims. “It is a capital crime for Muslims to teach something about Islam that is not true to other Muslims.”As a continuation, Guandolo reads verbatim from the junior high school text of What Islam is All About, “The way of Islam is a complete code of life. There is no separation of mosque and state because the objective of the Islamic state is the establishment of the dean of Allah. The basis of the legal and political system is the sharia of Allah…The duty of the Muslim citizen is to be loyal to the Islamic state”. This is DOCTRINAL ISLAM. Guandolo emphasized that there may be Muslims that teach their children not to follow the ways of Sharia, but in fact to carry out a life by the Golden Rule, One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. But, as Guandolo explains, “that’s not what doctrinal Islam is and it’s not what Islam teaches.”


As a response of what America should do as a response to this growing threat, Guandolo has this to share, “The learning curve, if that curve isn’t steeper than the curve of the enemy preparing for war, then I think that we’re going to be in trouble.” Guandolo also shares how there is an increasingly growing threat of the network of Islamists within America.


As stated above, organizations such as (CAIR) The Council on American-Islamic Relations, and (ISNA) The Islamic Society of North America, have been set up in the United States. Actually, there are thousands of Islamic Organizations, like these, in America. As Guandolo emphasizes, “all of the prominent Islamic Organizations are a part of the Muslim Brotherhood movement”. These groups are interwoven into all aspects of Western Culture, from political, educational, to finance.


As a further explanation of some of these organizations, The Muslim Students Association, was created by the Muslim Brotherhood. This organization was the very first National Islamic Organization in the United States which was created in 1963. This was just the beginning. “Between 1963 and today, it is the Muslim Brotherhood that builds the Islamic Community in America.” To continue the record, it was another organization, “The Holy Land Foundation” that was created as a front to funnel finances to Hamas. It was this organization that was indicted in 2008 after a 15 year FBI Investigation and part of the trial U.S. vs Holy Land Foundation. Guandolo states, “The evidence demonstrated that, not only at the time that it was indicted, it was the largest Islamic Charity in America; it’s a Hamas organization.” The truth of the matter must be understood involving these matters, “The Muslim Brotherhood built the structure in the United States for the Muslim Community.”

There is a storm that God is fashioning. God is speaking and desiring to get our attention. When the Lord gave a dream to a young man, Isaiah, he was shown in detail, the threats that are coming to America. Specifically, Isaiah was threatened by Kim Jong-Un, leader of North Korea. As a plan of escape, he ran to the White House where he saw President Obama. God is speaking to us. These warnings are not to be taken lightly. These dangers will only increase until we humble ourselves, repent, and turn our hearts to the Lord. God will take care of those who are His. Get the full exchange with Jim Bakker and John Guandolo, hear the full prophetic dream from Isaiah, and so much more. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.


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