If America is Involved in Splitting Jerusalem, America Can be Literally Split into, Prophetic Dream Pastor John Kilpatrick

LISTEN NOW! For a long time, we have talked about how Israel is continually in and out of the media headlines. One day the topics regarding Israel will be few and far between. The next, Israel covers the headlines. When Israel is in the headlines, someone, somewhere is commenting on how to divide the land or effect the borders of Israel. We may not be aware of the consequences that come upon us for the actions that are done. But, as Pastor John Kilpatrick has shared, there is correlation between sin and the land. It matters how we treat Israel. America has played a significant part in the nuclear negotiations with Iran as well as discussions about the cities within Israel.

Pastor Kilpatrick revealed what the Lord showed him regarding the days ahead if we continue on the road that we are on. Kilpatrick found himself suspended over a river near his hometown in Alabama. “Suddenly, the river was out of sight and you couldn’t see the bank of the river at all. And then the scene changed and I was taken to an old ancient school house…and my teeth were clapping so hard, I couldn’t clamp my teeth tight enough to keep them from clapping, cause the Earth was quaking.”  It was then that he was shown an old map with the cities Indianola and Europa on it. After looking up these cities, he found that there were multiple cities stretching throughout the middle of the United States. It was after a phone call with another minister that he understood what the Lord was revealing to him.


These cities stretched across over the New Madrid Fault Line. “You could superimpose those cities over the New Madrid Fault.” Kilpatrick continues to share what he told himself in the dream, “Whatever structures there were, they are no more.” He continues, “What I believe I saw, when that river when out of sight, is I believe the Great Lakes was busted loose and the waters started draining down and I believe the Gulf waters started draining up.”


It is vital that we connect the relevancy of this vision to what is now taking place in the world’s headlines regarding Israel. Kilpatrick warns, “What I felt in my spirit, and I can’t prove this, I just felt in my spirit, I felt like the Lord was saying to me, if they divide Jerusalem, if America has a hand….in dividing Jerusalem…I will divide America.” God shows us these things to warn so that we can pray, so that we speak out God’s will and His way over certain situations.


As Kilpatrick finishes his words, he ends by sharing, “I will say this. You can mark this down as a prophetic word; In the days to come, you’re going to see earthquakes that will startle you”. These words couldn’t be more true as the region around the New Madrid Fault has just experienced a 3.5 earthquake, large enough to be felt 267 miles away. In addition, Rick Joyner details a dream that he just received.


Last night I had a vivid dream of Seattle, WA. It was of the downtown on a brilliantly clear day. A large earthquake hit and two of the tallest buildings toppled over. In the dream I thought that I was watching a video until I looked down and saw people moving about. It was either very early in the morning or late in the evening, because I knew that the casualties would not be very high because so few people were in the buildings.


We must not sleep nor slumber regarding the peace of Israel. See the full report of what is happening regarding recent decisions towards Israel, the full statements from Pastor Kilpatrick, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: United Nations, Gaza Strip, West Bank, Golan Heights, PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Russia, prayer and repentance. John and Steve shared in this segment.
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