Is there a Convergence of Prophetic Words Regarding the Presidential Elections? God is Still In Control

LISTEN NOW! The nation is watching as the current Presidential Elections undergo all their twists and turns. Considering the many prophetic words regarding these elections, there appears to be a convergence. Brian Carnhas prophesied that “People will lose trust in the voting process. They will deny and doubt America’s political process to vote and acquire leadership. This next election will be manipulated.” Considering how much of the traditional ways have been ‘shaken up’ throughout this race, John Paul Jackson gave a remarkable interpretation of a particular dream and its application.


A woman recently shared a dream she was given. In the dream, suddenly “this big bulldozer bulldozes through the parking lot of cars and right through the White House just like it was a deck of cards. So we start praying in the spirit immediately.” As John Paul Jackson reveals, ““You’re seeing man’s plans; and your seeing God saying, ‘I have a plan that will bulldoze right through the plans of men.” Amidst men’s focus on politics and government, God is still in control and God will reveal just how strong Washington D.C. is; “Washington D.C. is a house of cards.”When Brett Holderbaum was worshipping, the Lord showed him a tropical disturbance off the Coast of Africa and then a map. It was this visual that was identical as to how hurricanes form. He asked what The Lord was saying; and in response he was told ‘A fresh wind will blow through Washington’.


It is an encouraging reminder that right before people get dealt with, they are in their highest confidence. They will be sure that their way is right. This was the very reality that took place when Jehu was anointed King of Israel in 2 Kings 9. At the time King Ahab and Jezebel were celebrating. Little did they know, their reign was soon to end. In addition, all the leadership that had been established by Ahab and Jezebel was also removed as shared in 2 Kings 10. In order for our present realities to change, the leadership has to change. Don’t put your trust in men but in God.


Be encouraged as you are reminded that government is not in control, but that God is in control. Hear the full words from theses prophetic words, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: politics, government, leadership, accountability, false pastors, Washington D.C. and prayer. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.

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Acts 2:17

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