“Jesus Never Scolded Anyone for Coming to Him Because they Wanted a Gift…. If you Find His Hand, look Up, He’s Connected” says Bill Johnson, Senior Leader at Bethel


LISTEN NOW! When someone is seeking of a healing from the Lord or particular provision; whether it be a breakthrough in finances, or in the workplace, some may have heard the response, “don’t seek the hand of God but the face of God”. The question is: is that how Jesus responded? In a recent discussion with Bill Johnson, Senior Leader at Bethel, he addresses how Jesus responded to those that came to Him. “Jesus never scolded anyone for coming to Him because they wanted a gift, instead what He did was provide them with a miracle that directed their heart toward the Father…if you find His hand look, His face is right there.”

Jesus never condemned someone for coming to Him. If someone feels condemned for praying, that is not God. If we ever believe the lie that “God has a problem with me” there are plenty of religious people to line up and agree with that lie. God loves each and every one of us. He loves us so much that He gave His Only Son, Jesus Christ, to die for us.


When we understand what Jesus Christ has done for us, it changes how we pray. This also is embodied in what Johnson shared regarding his own prayers, “I realized I needed to “put a demand” on what I believed – my risk factor had to line up with the boldness of my beliefs. As I did this there was an immediate change in my ministry and we began to see healing and miracles increase.” If we are not seeing the same effects in our prayer, we have to ask what is hindering us from walking the same as Jesus did. God is not limited in what He can do.  But, we can limit ourselves if our dependency is more on our knowledge than upon God.

Hear the full statements from Bill Johnson, the beginning stories of how Heidi Baker trusted God and is now impacting the entire nation of Mozambique, how compassion helps us to connect with those needing prayer, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: prayer, faith, hope, pressure, hardship, Multiple Sclerosis, and love. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.
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