The Little Sisters Win Unanimous Supreme Court Decision Over Birth Control Mandate


LISTEN NOW! There has been an ongoing battle involving a decision passed down from the Obama Administration regarding the mandate of faith groups being required to offer Birth Control. As is being reported by CBN, an overwhelming victory is being celebrated as The Little Sisters of the Poor “are protected from having to pay these massive government fines or choose to violate their religious beliefs.” An additional encouragement is that this decision was passed with a unanimous ruling from the Supreme Court. This decision can now be held as precedent for future rulings in a court of law. Hear the excitement of the full story of what is taking place and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Birth Control, prayer, let the decision stand, and rule of law. Also shared in this segment: Supreme Court, Obamacare, Catholic Social Services, 1st Amendment, and the Constitution. Greg shared in this segment.

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