Time to Relook at the HIGH Cost of a College Degree: Goldman Sachs Suggest that it May not be worth it

LISTEN NOW! In our present culture, some may have realized that college is not exactly what it used to be; nor is college what they expected it to be. Now, more than ever, students are graduating from college but are coming face to face with an economy with less-than-promising opportunities. At the same time, commencement speech after speech is given calling students to go out and change the world! But, as George Will puts it, maybe we need a graduation speech that has never been given before. What would it sound like? Maybe something like this, “You who are about to receive your diploma should also receive an apology from this university and a large portion of the tuition you have paid. You have been cheated, bilked, propagandized, and badly educated.”  Will connects the dots of the sequence of events that have occurred within colleges from the government wanting more students to graduate. With a comparison to the housing market, creating a false economy is bound to crash sooner or later. According to Will, the government has offered easier financing for students to receive loans, and in return, universities have increased their tuition costs. He shares, “The cost of college has been rising four times faster than the rate of inflation.”More and more students are graduating from college; but with degrees in majors such as ‘gender studies’ and ‘cinema deconstruction’ students will have a hard time finding employment upon graduation.

What highlights the gross injustice that is occurring to our graduates is the “enforced conformity” that is happening on our campuses. Will continues his proposed speech, “If this is a typical campus, it has a free speech zone; a small isolated, inconvenient space where students are allowed to exercise their first amendment rights. But, guess what? Will cautions, “You are going to recognize that the Constitution makes the rest of America, all of it, a free speech zone.” We have to reconsider our thinking about what education truly is. Presently, firms such as Goldman Sachs
are expressing that college may not be worth it. See the full speech, more wisdom about education, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: debt, mortgages, healthcare, repayment schedules, technical trade, and knowledge. John and Steve shared in this segment.

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