U2’s Bono and Message Bible Translator Eugene Peterson New Documentary Film on the Book of Psalms: Two Unlikely Individuals meet for an Historic Encounter

LISTEN NOW! Not too often does a lead singer of a rock band get to sit down with a Bible Translator, but today that all changes. Eugene Peterson is the translator of “The Message Bible”. Peterson didn’t know who U2’s ‘Bono’ was until he received a copy of a magazine. In this particular moment, the magazine included an interview with Bono. That was just the beginning for Peterson who eventually purchased a few of U2’s albums to learn more.

During a discussion at Point Loma Nazarene University, Peterson shares how he was first invited to spend time with Bono. Regrettably, he was facing a timeline during his translation of The Message Bible and had to decline the offer. During an exchange with Dean Wilson, Wilson raises the point, “You may be the only person alive who would turn down the opportunity just to make a deadline. I mean c’mon; Its Bono for crying out loud!”After a heartfelt laughter from the audience, Peterson punctually responds, “Dean, it was Isaiah.”

Peterson was able to eventually meet Bono when invited to Dallas and see one of U2’s concerts during their 360 Tour. The meeting was returned when Peterson invited Bono to his lakefront home on Flathead Lake in Montana. Around the kitchen table, they share their memories of when they were first introduced to The Book of Psalms. See this genuine exchange of men dialoguing about their friendship with each other and so much more. Also shared in this segment: influence, relationships, music, Rolling Stones, and analogies. John and Steve shared in this segment.
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