VFNtv Celebrates Our 4 Year Anniversary!!

LISTEN NOW! It is amazing how time flies. Another anniversary is being celebrated as we celebrate four years of being able to come to you, beginning with radio and now broadcasting daily on VFNtv. There has been much wisdom that we have grown in as the Lord has taught and revealed everything that we are now doing on a daily basis.
What began with a powerful rhema word during a time of prayer, launched us into beginning radio. This came during a time when we knew nothing about radio. But, because of Greg’s faithfulness, God connected him with a man in Colorado that provided the information of everything that was needed. We are witnessing the continual provision and miraculous hand of God provide what is needed and lead us to where He wants us to go.

God has taught us so many truths and nuggets of wisdom along the way. From how to begin radio, to how to begin television, and even how to capture a miracle and broadcast it to the world! Imagine seeing a woman share how she was miraculously healed while she was standing in the produce aisle and give glory to God! Many are being greatly encouraged by all that God is doing. For those wanting to know how they can support what God is doing, they can become partners! It is our faith together that is lifted up and stirred that stirs up the faith in others to believe for the powerful miracles to come to pass. This is exactly what took place at the Awakening Healing Conference Series when Art Thomas shared about God’s power to heal! Hear the exciting full story of all that God has done in the last four years, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: grocery store, faith, working out, Pittsburgh, ice cream, Colorado, obedience, religion, and gratitude. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.
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