Arts and Entertainment Done RIGHT- Sight and Sound Theater Bringing the Bible to Life

LISTEN NOW! WATCH FULL PROGRAM! Every culture can be seen in seven different areas, or also described as ‘Mountains of Influence’ Education, Family, Religion (Church), Government, Business, Media, and Arts & Entertainment. We have seen significant advancements in areas such as media when we look at the growing impact of Christian titles in the Box Office. The trends that have been experienced within the Media Mountain are beginning to be experienced in the area of Arts & Entertainment. “Sight & Sound Theatres” is being described as a “Christian Broadway” and it is turning heads.

Located in Branson, MO and Lancaster County, PA, Sight & Sound attracts about one million people every year to witness the stunning and dazzling storylines of production originated straight from the Bible. In a behind-the-scenes look, one can see the immense detail and comprehensive work that goes into just one production. As co-creators, Josh Enck and Matt Neff share, “It’s interesting and fascinating that the Lord would pick two dairy farmers from Lancaster County, to build a theatre in the middle of a corn field, in Amish Country, and produce Bible stories; and people will come.”  Forty years, later and Biblical storylines as Samson and Moses are a reality that all audiences can see.


How beautiful would it be to have productions like these in every single state in America!? For the next vacation, take your family to the next Sight & Sound production that everyone will enjoy. See more from the behind-the-scenes footage, the trailer to Moses, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: acting, producing, thespian, family, and encouragement! John and Steve shared in this segment.
Screen Capture from & Sound Theatres



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