“Dear God, Rescue Me” Greg shares a powerful story of being Rescued by God and Rescuing his dog Max

LISTEN NOW! Greg has a special love for animals, as he is a dog owner. Although, he wasn’t always a dog owner. After enduring a stressful season in the ministry, he reached a point that he thought he just couldn’t continue any further. Sometimes you just get so beat down and tired, it’s as if you need to get saved again. While on a particular trip to Rome, Georgia, he visited Dream Mountain at Berry College. It was during his trek up the mountain that he was crying out to God with every step that he had. All he could get out was “Rescue Me”. If God didn’t rescue him, he wasn’t going to make it.

Upon reaching the top, he came to a wooden bench and just sat down, exhausted and worn out. Suddenly, two dogs came running straight towards him. One was carrying a pine cone and they were adamant about playing catch with Greg. It was during this encounter that God spoke to him, “you’re going to have to learn to play and enjoy things”. And he did.


After walking down off the mountain, he received a dream from the Lord. In this dream, Greg had an animal that was playing with him in his backyard and was just as agile and playful. Only, it wasn’t a dog. It was a cow. He knew what it meant. It was time to get a dog.


Greg’s son-in-law informed him of a local rescue that rescues German Shepherds. After serving years in law enforcement, he had a special love and appreciation for German Shepherds. After visiting this rescue, he was introduced to a 9-month old puppy. Sitting there in this cage, with this little furry animal, there was an instant bond. They were both rescues. God was rescuing Greg and Greg was rescuing Max. Sometimes, when we just don’t have the ability to love again, all of us, need rescuing again.

Greg and Max still have opportunities to spend time together, travelling down to downtown Pensacola and enjoying the scenery. Truth is, God wants us to take care of animals, but we don’t exalt animals over human beings. We are grateful for the life of the gorilla and we are grateful for the child that lived. Allow this discussion to give you a Biblical understanding of how to treat animals, hear the full response from Pastor Noble and Billy Graham, hear the full encounter of Greg and Max’s trip to Downtown Pensacola, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Cincinnati Zoo, Gorilla, tranquilizers, petitions, abortions, Dr. Kermitt Gosnell, Pensacola Wahoos, suicide, religion, vision, and ministry. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.

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2 Samuel 22:2-22

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