Prophecy: America will go back to 1967 because President Obama declares Israel should go back to 1967 Borders

Before God does things, He makes them known to individuals who will then speak to others and make it known to all who have ears as a warning to what God is about to do. God calls them His prophets. God has revealed certain events that will be happening in America according to Chuck Pierce. Before Barack Obama was elected as President of the United States, it was shown to Pierce that there would be an African American President. It doesn’t stop there. Pierce expresses, “God was going to heal this issue, of the division of racism in our nation. But, it was going to actually get a little bit worse for us because we were going to have to go deeper and deal with anti-Semitism…”According to Pierce, God showed him “how God would start looking at America based upon how America would align with Israel.” Continue Reading
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