THE URGENCY OF NOW! Is this Our Dietrich Bonhoeffer Moment? Part 2

When catastrophic events are known to be on the horizon, some people respond with a survival plan of consuming themselves with the ‘sleeping pills’ of the day; in hopes of being able to wake up when it’s all over.  With that mindset, one can be enjoying the choicest of entertainment and the finest of foods only to wake up into the reality of concentration camps and evil. During the 1940’s, in Germany, an evil dictatorship was on the verge of being established and placed in power. The people had no idea what would transpire in the months ahead. Today, we have the ability of looking back into this history of what took place in Germany, and seeing the events that occurred months prior to the beginning leadership of Adolf Hitler, that ultimately resulted in 6 million Jews being murdered. Continue Reading

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WATCH! Is this a Dietrich Bonhoeffer Moment? The URGENCY OF NOW! Part 2

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