WATCH! Who is Your God?; and John Paul Jackson shares 33 Prophetic Warnings

Who is your God? Are we being brought to day of Reckoning?
Imagine all the different sports that can and are played with a ball. If God called you to give your sport to God, would you? If both the sports and the fellowship of the church gathered on Sunday, which would it be? God has a plan for your life. If Lucifer walked through a neighborhood, a home, a workplace, would he be able to identify the church? Each of us needs to make the decision who we will pledge our allegiance to. Find out the importance of where our allegiance lies, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: NBA, NFL, World Cup, the military, the flag, and the Constitution. Greg, Pat and John shared in this segment.

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John Paul Jackson – 33 Prophetic Warnings- Things that have happened, are happening, and those that are still to come

How long is the list of the devastating events that have taken place in the nation and around the globe? Long. Whether in government, in weather, in economies, or religion, each has experienced difficult events. John Paul Jackson shares about 33 specific warnings of what is to take place and how it affects the church. In a time of seeking the Lord, Jackson shares how the Lord responded to him, “My people are going to cry out to me. It will keep getting darker until they do.” Jackson shares about specific cities where he saw martial law, the future state of the American currency, effects of oil, and differing nations around the globe. This is not a time to be fearful. It is time for the church to draw closer to God and do great things for Him. Be encouraged as you see and hear what is taking place, what is about to take place, how you can prepare, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: pipelines, Vladimir Putin, NASA, the anti-Christ, Israel, anti-Semitism, Saudi Arabia, and persecution.

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Who is your God? Are we being Brought to day of Reckoning?
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