WATCH! Benjamin Netanyahu travels to Uganda in memory of his brother’s death, Jonathan Netanyahu, killed during Operation Thunderbolt

Israeli Prime Minister visits Uganda Commemorating 40 years after his brother Yonatan Netanyahu was Killed during Operation Thunderbolt

Only July 4th, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently visited Africa to make a special visit to Kenya and Uganda. KenyaCitizenTV broadcasted the arrival of the Prime Minister. It was this day that commemorated the 40 year anniversary of Operation Entebbe, otherwise known as Operation Thunderbolt. It was during this Operation that Israeli Defense Forces traveled more than 2,500 miles to rescue Jewish hostages that were being held at the Entebbe Airport.


The Prime Minister shares his warm emotions as he comments about his visit. “I think that Israel is coming back to Africa in a big way. Africa is coming back to Israel. Kenya is a centrally important country in Africa. It has very strong relations with Israel for many many decades.” When asked to elaborate more about his comments, the Prime Minister continues, “Israel was present in many African countries, not only in Kenya, which was a traditional friend, but in many African countries.” He then shares as to what brought upon the end of these relations, “It ended because of political pressures from the Arab countries”. In the realm of development, the Prime Minister details the long list of how Israel has extended its blessings and ingenuity to others, “from water management to agriculture, to I.T., to health, to science, everything”.


This trip was not only a diplomatic one, but it also has personal significance to the Prime Minister as well. In 1946, an Air France plane had been hijacked by Palestinian terrorists. Their hijacking had deeper motives than just the passengers on the plane, but also served as a plan seeking to free the “40 Palestinian and affiliated militants imprisoned in Israel and 13 prisoners in four other countries in exchange for the hostages.”


It was during Operation Entebbe that his older brother, Jonathan, was killed while commanding the Israeli unit that freed the Jewish hostages. The Air France flight was scheduled to land in Paris, but was diverted to Uganda and landed at the Entebbe International Airport. When the passengers were led off the plane, all non-Jewish passengers were set free, and the Jewish passengers, and crew remained to be held as hostages. By this time, there were now 4 terrorists holding the hostages while the terminal building was surrounded by “armed Ugandan military troops”.


After failed attempts to neutralize the situation through negotiations, the IDF had no other option than to fly commandos to the location of the hostages and free them. This flight was over 2500 miles, which took place over enemy air space. After a week of planning, the operation was set and was carried out. Once the Israeli commandos touched down at the Entebbe International Airport, the 4 terrorists were quickly killed and the hostages were released. In its entirety, the Operation lasted 90 minutes. But, tragically in the end, the Israelis suffered a loss as their unit commander, Jonathan Netanyahu was killed during the engagement. Jonathan was the older brother of now Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.


The war against Radical Islam is nothing new in the eyes of Israel. America was once a bold ally to Israel. Why now, would we change sides and befriend those who are against Israel? To change sides with Israel is to change sides with God. In the end of all things, we will be judged in the Valley of Jehoshaphat based on what we did or didn’t do towards the land of Israel.


Israel has not only been a blessing to the nations in proximity to Israel, but also to the nations of the world. Because of the impressive advancements and discoveries in the area of agriculture, Israelis have been able to transform the desert grounds of Israel’s past into the fruitful and vibrant lands that it is today. From the Jordan Valley and The Negev Desert, Israel had taken on an entire renovation. Israel developed the “cherry tomato”, “Biobee” is a revolutionary development to answer the problem of pesticides.


When we look at Israel from an Israeli perspective, we get a vastly different understanding than how the world perceives Israel. Now more than ever, we must stand with Israel, alongside Israel, and for Israel. See this full discussion to understand the significance between Uganda and Israel, how Israel is blessing the world, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Radical Islam, terrorism, Israeli Defense Forces, Jerusalem, allies, farming, Jordan, Palestinian Authority, and prayer. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.


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