‘Planned Parenthood Never Before have they been so Defensive of these Issues’ says David Daleiden Founder of Center for Medical Progress

LISTEN NOW! David Daleiden got the attention of the nation as the creator of Center for Medical Progress who released multiple undercover videos about harvesting and selling of baby body parts that was reportedly happening behind the doors of Planned Parenthood centers. In an interview with CBN, he shares about many of the events that have taken place.

“Planned Parenthood has never been more on the defensive in their 100 years of history then they are today, and that’s because of the undercover videos…” The undercover videos released by Daleiden and his team have given an inside look that may of never been known to the American public. “The wrong doing goes very deep and they need to be held accountable to it because they are not above the law.” Seeing the aftermath of the released videos, Daleiden’s outlook is positive as to the way things are going even regarding the response of those who would be in support of Planned Parenthood. “Even some of the people who would be in Planned Parenthood’s corner are realizing that all of these different legal actions are based on this really discredited legal theory that somehow undercover work counts as a form of fraud.”

Never before has Planned Parenthood CEO, Cecile Richards, so openly commented about the realities of abortion. When speaking at a recent private invitation-only event in Philadelphia, she made these remarks. “To be on the stage where we can now talk openly about the fact that abortion is a right that we have to have; and it’s not good to have a right if you can’t exercise it.” She continued to express, “We have to repeal the Hyde Amendment so that everyone has equal rights.” So what exactly is the Hyde Amendment? According to Wikipedia, it is “a legislative provision barring the use of certain federal funds to pay for abortion unless the pregnancy arises from incest, rape, or to save the life of the mother.”

We are now seeing a Planned Parenthood voice becoming louder about the very beliefs to end a child’s life. Richards’ goal is to end lives in the womb using government money. It is so much easier to respond to those who are honest. People may not say that they are openly for abortion, but then refuse life to a child that would hinder their ability to excel in their profession that allows them to get a bigger house or a newer car.

We thank God for the work of David Daleiden and his team that has brought the truth to the public. We, as the Church must respond by humbling ourselves and turning our hearts to God. We must stand up in courage to stop this. Hear the full comments from Daleiden, the full details from this important truth, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Francis Chan, courage, Center for Medical Progress, and pro-life. Greg shared in this segment.

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