Satanist allowed to Invoke satan at the Invitation of a Pensacola City Councilman

LISTEN NOW! Moments ago, Pensacola City Council voted to allow a Satanist, a disciple of Satan, to speak over the city. While at the same time, another disciple of Satan was driving a box truck on the streets of Nice, France and into a crowd, killing more than 80 people. Who would have ever thought that One Nation Under God would bring a Satanist to our nation? It’s real and it happened on July 14, 2016. 


The concern started when City Council President, Charles Bare, held a meeting to discuss whether each City Council meeting should be started with an invocation or a simple moment of silence. During this meeting, the beginning invocation was done by Councilman Gerald Wingate. During his invocation, a Satanist stood directly behind him and began speaking and chanting, with his back turned, during the entire invocation. While the Satanist continued to carry out his own actions during the entirety of Councilman Wingate’s invocation, Councilman Bare did NOTHING to stop him from interrupting. It was also at this gathering that multiple people stood up to share and express their beliefs about the issue of an invocation versus a moment of silence.


At the onset, Marty Tackett shared this important reminder, “If we don’t stand together and believe that we are truly One Nation Under God, then what else do we stand for?” She continues to emphasize, “Then we need to apologize to every man and woman that serves in our United States forces that defends our rights to freedom.”


By not considering the value of the freedoms that we have in America, we can take them for granted. But, for those who know full well what it’s like to live a nation without those freedoms, America’s liberties are not taken lightly. Felicita “Josey” Coste was born outside of America, but it was in American schools where she learned how to pray. “All of a sudden, they are coming from everywhere to change our love for Jesus Christ in America.”


Dennis Hackett expresses the need to pray for so many areas of the city that need healing, whether it be our homeless our or veterans. In light of the days’ events, Hackett understands the importance to pray for the leaders, “You folks have to make tough decisions…you need wisdom, and discernment, and guidance that can only come through the One True God.”


As one who has fought for our freedoms, Billy Webb understands the importance of our freedoms. “There have only been two people that have been willing to die for you. First one is Jesus Christ. He wanted to die to save your soul; and the other one is the American Veteran, and he wanted to die to keep you free.” Some would believe that “In God We Trust” has been a part of our nation since the 50’s, but as Webb reveals, it is far older than most may be aware of. It was actually part of the original 4th verse of our Star Spangled Banner. Considering this important truth, Robert Marco emphasizes this important fact, “If we don’t remain One Nation Under God we will be one nation gone.”


A week later, the same City Council convened to carry out their normal proceedings and processes. Sadly, there was nothing normal about this particular gathering. It was during this meeting that was scheduled to have the opening invocation done by a Satanist. Multiple gatherings of Christians met before the meeting to pray for all of those in attendance, for the leaders, and the city.


When Jonathan Deikman Gains was asked about a Satanist giving an invocation, he shared, “I think it’s stupid and demonic. If you look at the intentions of the Satanic agenda, it’s all about control and witchcraft…”


When the Satanist began to carry out the invocation, many believers promptly began to recite the Lord’s Prayer. After a few moments had gone by, Council President Charles Bare, slammed his gavel down multiple times calling for order. When Christians responded that this man was invoking a curse over the city and the leaders, Council President Charles Bare then ordered police officers to “clear the chambers”. Ironically enough, this is the same Council President who did nothing when a Satanist was praying while someone else called on the name of Jesus during the invocation 7 days prior.


What we must connect is that while one disciple of Satan was carrying out his decisions, another disciple of Satan was sitting behind a wheel, driving a box truck down the streets of Nice, France, and into a crowd of people. As a result, dozens of bystanders were killed, as well as a father and son from Texas. It matters who we are allowing to not only speak over our elected leaders, but also our cities.


When John Walker  was given the opportunity to speak, he highlighted the meaning of what an invocation is, “the act of invoking something or someone for assistance; or as an authority; the summons of a deity or the supernatural; an incantation.” With the understanding of boundaries, Walker expresses, “This is summoning, invoking a curse over the city…there are certain boundaries that God gives us, that God gives cities across.” He continues to highlight how different governmental agencies throughout America have different territories of responsibility. “Through prayers and different other things, there are a lot of plots that have been dealt with and stopped because…of people praying over the city.” He ends by highlighting what this causes, “That’s the only reason why people are safe, because there are more people out there that’s doing criminal things than we have resources…”


When Councilman Wingate was asked his thoughts about the invocation, he shared, “I’m not in favor of it, I think it’s the wrong thing to do. As we know, Satan is the enemy of the God that we serve. So, I don’t think that we should be giving him any place, here in the City Council meeting to say a prayer.”  After talking to an additional source that is employed by the City of Pensacola, it was confirmed that it was actually up to the City Council President, Charles Bare to decide who is invited to give invocations.


Get the full report and see the in-depth events of both City Council Meetings as they unfold, the full comments from everyone who was in attendance, the full invocations, the declarations from City Council President Charles Bare, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: freedoms, Christian nation, Prayer, schools, education, Constitution, elected leaders, military, veterans, voting, Government, prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, humility, and repentance. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.

Screenshot courtesy of CBS News and City of Pensacola

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