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President Obama Spoke the Truth about Police Officers at Memorial

As the city of Dallas gathered together to remember the fallen officers within the Dallas Police Department, many were in attendance, including President Obama. During his words of condolences, he also spoke some powerful words towards our law enforcement and the job that they carry out each and every day.


Some may not be aware of the type of responsibilities that are daily laid upon the shoulders of our men and women in law enforcement. The President’s words reveal an accurate reality of the high expectations that they are expected to meet. “And then we tell the Police, you’re the social worker, you’re the parent, you’re the teacher, you’re the drug counselor. We tell them to keep those neighborhoods in check at all costs and do so without any political blowback, or inconvenience.” Considering these expectations, are we mindful of the stress this creates? “Don’t make a mistake that might disturb our own peace of mind. And then we feign surprised periodically when the tensions boil over.”


The President continued to emphasize that we are not only mindful of them but know them to be true. “We know those things to be true. They been true for a long time. We know it. Police, you know it. Protestors, you know it. You know how dangerous some of these communities these police officers serve are; And you pretend there is no context.” As a remedy, the President highlights the need for open dialogue and conversation. “If we cannot even talk about these things. If we cannot talk honestly and openly, not just in the comfort of our own circles, but with those that look different than us, or bring a different perspective, then we will never break this dangerous cycle.”


This is so refreshing to hear. For the first time, in a long time, words are being shared that highlight the exact truth of the reality that so many are having to navigate on a daily basis. As good as they words are to hear, we must remember the motive of organizers. “You first have to polarize before you organize.” Now, when the nation is at its peak of division, we are hearing the calming words of truth. Is the leadership of our nation planning a national police? It is concerning to wonder why we have gone 7 ½ years before hearing any of these words? We must pray for our President, for his safety, and the safety of his family.


There are so many issues happening, all at once, stoking the fire of division and animosity in our nation. We must be aware of all of them at once. To put our focus and attention on one sole issue is to lose the focus on the very issue that increases. In a time such as this, our answer is humility. We must humble ourselves and draw close to the Holy Spirit in order to know what He is saying and what His direction is for the days ahead. Hear the full conversation about the days that we are experiencing, the full comments of the President, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Chuck Pierce, 1976, Israel, root of racism, anti-Semitism, Dallas Police Department, humility, and prayer. Greg and John shared in this segment.  



Is War Coming?


 On more than one occasion, and from more than one voice, the warning sirens have been sounded about realities of war. With the many warnings that have been given, it is surely inevitable, lest we repent. Michael Snyder expresses his reasoning as to the looming realities of war are going to happen and some of the realities of what is about to take place. He shared these words when he was recently on the Jim Bakker Show.


Many have been watching conflicts within Syria. In the latest development, Turkey has reportedly moved intro Syria. As Snyder highlights the reporting of international sources, he states that Turkey has established positions within towns; one of them being Azaz. “There is a very important highway corridor that goes through there, which Turkey has been using to supply the jihadists, to supply al-Qaeda, to supply the ISIS fighters too.” He continues to emphasize, “Turkey has been very determined to keep that corridor open.” According to Snyder, Turkey’s President Erdogan, wants to re-establish the former Ottoman Empire. In addition, because of Turkey’s aspirations to overthrow the Assad leadership in Syria, “this represents an escalation of the conflict and tensions there in Syria.” As Synder continues to rewind the tape of events in the Middle East, he recalls how all of this tension and uprising was ‘spearheaded’ by Hillary Clinton. This was the Arab Spring that took place in 2011.


When Bakker asks if the stage is being set for world war, Synder responds by saying, “It’s not going to start overnight, but I do believe that war is coming.” Of all the places for such a heightened war to occur, Snyder points to Israel as the place where he believes it will take place. As there have been continued tensions regarding the conversations of a Palestinian State, The Obama Administration has reportedly announced that the discussion of an official state is now ‘on the table’. The mere fact that a ‘divided Jerusalem’ in order to reach a ‘Palestinian State’ under the leadership of The Obama Administration is not good.


Snyder stresses that there are only a handful of months left in Obama’s last term. In order for him to have a play in dividing the nation of Israel, it will happen before he leaves office. ”Whether it happens, whether it’s Barack Obama, or someone else, someday…a U.S. President will have a role in dividing the land of Israel and in dividing the city of Jerusalem…” This reality is not only a sign, but it is a prophetic sign. “That’s one of the most important prophetic markers that we’re watching for.” It is the consequences of this action that brings about the devastation that will affect the entire world, as Snyder shares; “A great war is coming to the land of Israel, and it’s gonna be bloody, it’s gonna be horrible, beyond anything we’ve ever seen…The good news is Israel is going to win and get a whole bunch of her land back. The bad news is that there is going to be immense death and destruction on both sides…” If you’ve experienced hurricanes or major natural disasters, then you understand the consequences of everything stopping all at once. Now is the time to prepare.


When Michael Krieger, from Liberty Blitzkrieg, spoke with Greg Hunter at USAWatchdog, he discussed the same pressing issue, he highlighted how this coming threat is much more than an economic issue. “I think it is far bigger than an economic downturn, is the disintegration and ultimately the overthrow of the entire status quo regime, the entire post WWII establishment. That’s way bigger than an economic decline. It’s way bigger than the economic decline in 2008 and 2009.” If this wasn’t a powerful enough statement, he continued to share what else will be dramatically affected by this looming downturn. “So, it’s not just the debt or the economies that are going to collapse, it’s everything, the political establishment and the social fabric. All of these things we have been living under our entire lives will be replaced by something else…”


Presently, we see how we respond when we are without internet for a few short hours. What will we do when the entire nation is without food or water over a prolonged period of time? Hear the full comments of Snyder’s warnings, predictions, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: war, division, Israel, World War III, Russia, Syria, Putin, Iraq, ISIS, and The Coming Land Grab. Greg and John shared in this segment.  



We Must Respond With LOVE: Black Live Matters and All Alive Matters Cross the Street and Hug it Out


Hate is increasing throughout the world. Regardless of what is happening, this doesn’t change God’s expectation for us. What is His expectation? Love. When things have been less turbulent and less divisive, we still haven’t loved. Because of our impatience and self-focus, we become irritated over the duration of a red light. Does it have to take tragedy for us to come together with each other? A great example of how we are to love amidst hatred is the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


When Naomi King and Alveda King sat down and talked about the life of Dr. King, Naomi shares a powerful storyof how Dr. King demonstrated the power of love. As a sister-in-law to Dr. King, Naomi King had a first-hand perspective of the life and ways of Dr. King. On one particular night, as she shares, Dr. King had come home. What she didn’t know was that Dr. King had been detained by the police. “You know what Neeny?”, he said to her. “No, what M.L.” she responded. “They tried to choke me to death with my own tie.” He continued to share with her, not only how he intended on responding, but how we need to all respond, “The more that they mistreat us and abuse us, that’s the more that we’ve got to love them and forgive them because hatred is very much alive, and we’ve got to love them.”


This such a revealing reality for all of us. Can we love while it is still easy? We must have a heart of compassion. We must be aware of all that taking place within the world; persecution of Christians throughout the Middle East, 50 million + children aborted since the passing of Roe v Wade, economic crisis in Venezuela, 1 million women and children sex trafficked, and so many other devastating realities. It’s difficult to be concerned about that which we believe doesn’t affect us. If we believe this, we must consider what Dr. King stated, “An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”


Presently, we are seeing division and strife erupting in our city streets. Protestors are marching down the streets chanting things simply unheard of. In one particular demonstration, we get a glimpse of love and forgiveness overcoming the plans of division and strife. When a group of Black Lives Matter protestors lined one side of the street, and protesters with another perspective lined the other side, all of the tension was immediatelydiffused when they began to cross the divide to meet each other; with hugs. Amidst the sounds of warm embraces and patting on each other’s backs, one can be heard repeatedly expressing, “This is how you kick down a wall.” A gentle word can turn around the harshest of situations.

It was a simple hug that melted so many hearts when the citizens of Dallas gathered to show their support of law enforcement. When people lined up, it was handshakes of gratitude, it was embraces of thankfulness, and repeated words of affirmation. These thoughtful actions are a demonstration of what Jesus said in John 13:34, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” This is the overwhelming power that love has when we choose to express love over hate. See the full conversation to see the reaction from Dallas Police Officers, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: love, forgiveness, crisis, Civil Christianity, empathy, compassion, and humility. Greg and John shared in this segment.  

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President Obama Spoke the Truth about Police Officers at Memorial
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