WATCH! Prophetic Word Shared June 2013 Comes to Pass; A Coming National Police Force?; and “What happened in Nazi Germany is a Dress Rehearsal?” says Rick Joyner


“There’s Another Level About to Happen”, Prophetic Word Delivered before Escambia County Commissioners of the Days we are Now Living In


 It wasn’t our idea to be in Pensacola. God had previously spoken and directed the VFNtv Studios to be moved to Texas. As the final preparations before the transition were being made, God revealed a prophetic word to Greg Lancaster that was to be made known to the leadership in Escambia County. A previous prophetic word had been shared that a Coming Storm was about to happen. Speaking to people in Florida, it was understood in relation to weather and hurricanes. But, it was actually the financial storm that took place.


When Greg Lancaster stood before the county commissioners in June of 2013, he let them know, “There’s another level about to happen”. Natural disasters had already begun to increase in intensity as well as frequency. He didn’t stop there. He continued to pray for the leadership and speak more in detail, “As leaders, I just want you to know that we’re praying for you, that God would give you wisdom to help us through what is about to happen. Because, people are going to make demands of you…things are going to increase, they are going to escalate, and finances are going to be really tough.”


It then began to happen. Less than a year later, the city of Pensacola suffered over two feet of rain in less than a 24-hour period leaving many parts of the city in devastation, and some neighborhoods completely ruined. Regional, State and governmental leadership responded to the crisis. Governor of Florida, Rick Scott shared, “People are being evacuated from attics and areas never flooded before.” Florida Congressman Jeff Miller said, “We’re talking about, not a 25-year, not a 100-year storm, but probably a storm that may never have been seen a may never be seen again.” The same Biblical proportion of flooding then hit areas of South Carolina. When describing the aftermath, Governor Haley commented, “We haven’t seen this level of rain in the low country in 1000 years, that’s how big this is.”


Not only was the weather greatly impacted, but the level of terrorism was soon to be on the rise as well. From the Boston Marathon Bombing, suicide bombers in Paris, France, the shooting in San Bernardino, terrorist shootings in Tel Aviv, Israel, the Orlando shooting, and the shooting of Dallas police officers. We didn’t just get here. It wasn’t always like this.


John Paul Jackson sought the Lord about the increasing level of tragedies in America and throughout the world. God said to him, “My people are going to cry out to me.” Immediately responding, “WHEN?”. God said, “It will keep getting darker until they do. It will keep getting darker until they do.” The events are not going to stop unless the Church wakes up and turns their hearts back to God. Hear the full report and see the full prophetic, the events that have transpired since 2013, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: prophesy, warning, Father and Son Camping Trip, County Commissioners, flooding, Radical Islam, economy, terrorism, shooting, Airbus, University of West Florida, and prayer. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.

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The Prophetic Dreams, Visions & Words of the Lord – Connect with The Torch Today


 It is amazing how the Lord is using VFNtv to literally reach the nations of the world! It truly has been a journey. We didn’t just get here. So many happenings in the Kingdom were started when God reveals a dream. It was the same thing for the VFN Torch. When God called Steve Kaliszewski to help with the Torch, he had no idea what to expect. But, when he received a dream from the Lord, he knew that God showing him something powerful. In the dream he saw an area of elevated water and began to stir the water with end of a pencil. While the pencil was shaking up the surface of the water, he then noticed that fish began to come directly to Him. In Matthew 4:19 Jesus said, “I will make you fishers of men.”


Today, we are reading the Bible, inspired by the Holy Spirit, because men took the time to write down all that God is saying and doing. Today, we want to transcribe what the Spirit of God is saying in this hour. What started with a dream now has reached over 1 million people and is continually to reach the outermost parts of the world. Hear the whole conversation about the Torch, how it adds so much dimension to what cannot be shared on television, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: dreams, visions, Torch Newsletter, Marines, Mary and Joseph, and evangelism. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.



Is there a Coming National Police Force over America?


 When certain topics are brought up, some casually respond by saying, that will never happen. Can you imagine a national police force being implemented in America? Consider the scenario of a nation being brought to such a heightened place of tensions and conflict, that the very people meant to protect, law enforcement, now are not trusted. Presently, the narrative of the day is that people in blue are bad.


Not trusting law enforcement is like not trusting your skin. It is the very skin of your body that keeps infection out. 99% of law enforcement are law abiding people who understand their duty to serve and protect the people. But, just because there is a small number that are not does not mean to remove the entire reality of law enforcement.


There are different state enforcements as well, but that is not the case when Martial Law is enacted. When Martial Law is declared, local law enforcement is irrelevant. As well as other state authorities. Instead, The Commander in Chief, The President of the United States leads entirely. Imagine a government department being funded as much as the military. If you don’t think this is a possible reality, consider the words of President Barack Obama. “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.” Instead of sending fines from local traffic tickets to your local agencies, you now send it to Washington. This is not the America we want nor is it the America that is spelled out in the Constitution.


Hear the full conversation of the comments from President Obama, what the implications of Martial Law are, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: police, law enforcement, Executive Branch, military, national security, and Homeland Security. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.



‘Nazi Germany was a Dress Rehearsal for what the Devil is Trying to do in the Whole World’ says Rick Joyner


 If we understood the road that we are headed on, maybe we would change the direction of our path before we reached the reality of where we are going. President Obama has made known that what America needs is a civilian national security force. This goes against all of our foundational structures that are found in the Constitution. If we allow ourselves to have the government be the ultimate ruling authority over the nation, instead of the people, we will be following in the footsteps of what took place in Nazi Germany.  Essentially, the German people voted away their very own rights and handed them over to the one in charge, Adolf Hitler.


Rick Joyner has warned about this reality of the decisions that are being made in America and the road that we will find ourselves on unless we repent. In order to understand the importance of our future, we also have to understand how America was started. As Rick Joyner recently spoke on Joni Table Talk, he said, “We’re not the New Jerusalem, we’re not the Kingdom of God, but we’re a nation with a purpose and calling.” Joyner says this after years of studying America’s past and seeing for himself the Hand of God in our nation’s history. But, we must make a choice to follow the ways of God or to continue choosing what God says not to. In relation to this, Joyner continues, “I think for a period of time, decades now, we’ve been on the road of the downward spiral and we are headed for destruction…if we stay on this road it’s not going to be pretty.” Some have their own thoughts on what the end results are of our choices. As Joyner expresses, it will be much worse than we may actually imagine. ‘It’s not going to be just us morphing into some socialist type of country. It’s going to be, I think, worse than what was experienced in Nazi Germany.’


These comments do not come lightly. Again, after years of study and research, he shares, “I believe what happened there was a dress rehearsal for what the Devil is trying to do in the whole world.” Looking more closely at the events of Germany’s history brings a startling warning to the days that we are facing in America. “We’re coming to a time of similar economic shakeup. What happened in Germany when their Mark collapsed, The German Mark, which was their currency, it opened the door to the worse form of tyranny and evil.”


We are ultimately going to be brought to a point where it seems that it is all over. The question is, what will America look like when we come to that realization? In the midst of such catastrophic devastation, we must encourage ourselves in the Lord just as David did when devastation came to David and his men in the city of Ziklag.

These devastations stop when we cry out to God. In the midst of these happenings, we must not get compassion fatigue and forget to have compassion for what is happening all around us. Hear the full conversation regarding America and Germany, how Rick Joyner says we must respond, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: destruction, Torch and the Sword, Ichabod, World War II, Nazi Germany, and repentance. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.


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The Prophetic Dreams, Vision & Words of the Lord–Connect with The Torch Today
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