WATCH! Riots are coming to America; the Euro is Going to Fall and the Dollar will be behind it; and Guards on Food Trucks? These are just Some of the Prophecies by John Paul Jackson


Riots in the Street, Food Trucks Robbed, and Crashing Currency? John Paul Jackson’s Prophetic Words Coming to Pass throughout the World- Will America Wake Up?

In recent months, America and other nations have been consistently bombarded by violent attacks from within, resulting in devastating loss of life causing a reality in which some people may view as ‘the new normal.’ Though much of the world was caught off-guard by these acts of violence on their streets, Amos 3:7 explains that “the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets” first. And this proved very true in the case of late prophet John Paul Jackson, with whom God shared present-day events we are experiencing now, and many that we have yet to experience.

John Paul Jackson was shown a number of disturbing outcomes for America, if our nation (and the Church) continues on the path it has chosen. “Riots in the streets are coming,” he stated in a talk with Daystar, when describing what the Lord had revealed to him. He knew that this had to do with anger following the upcoming election. Jackson saw six cities in particular that were so affected by riots and loss of life, it became necessary to declare Martial Law; these areas being Dallas, Atlanta, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, and one other unknown city. Not only did he witness rioting, but also a looming economic collapse. The Euro is going to end up collapsing and the Dollar will not be far behind it,” he explained.

Americans have spent so long in the lap of luxury, a true and widespread financial collapse is not something most could begin to imagine. Unfortunately, it is not something that needs imagining; one only needs to look at the example of present-day Venezuela. This is a country so entrenched in economic ruin, that the average citizen may spend 10 hours a week simply waiting in line for food. “From 4 o’clock in the morning, I’ve been standing in line,” a woman exclaims, “I am number 900. 900! … There is no food. There is nothing.” In this country, with food trucks being hijacked and stores looted, the Venezuelan President, Nicholas Maduro, put the food supply chain under the army’s control. One mother expresses the struggle to feed herself and her children, saying, “Now we eat only two meals a day. If we eat breakfast, we don’t have lunch. If we have lunch, there is no dinner.”  While possessing the largest proven oil supply in the world, the Venezuelan people are starving.

Despite this reality, we can be very quick to forget the pain and suffering of others. As one tragedy after another takes place, we must remember to keep our empathy alive and not fall prey to compassion fatigue. It is too easy for us to disconnect from the reality around us, like witnesses of the attack in Nice, France, who recorded the brutal violence on their phones, as individuals were being run over all around them. We need to feel for these people as if it were ourselves, our own friends and families, experiencing it. We can’t think that, because we’re Americans, because others have to convert their currency into our own to purchase oil, that we are untouchable. Neither can we assume that we’ll be safe from financial collapse by dumping cash for gold. It has been observed that “there is not enough gold in the world to sustain the lifestyles Americans are living.” In a country where even its poorest people are richer than 70% of the rest of the world, widespread scarcity has yet to be seen. But our economy is shifting, and so many are unprepared for a world-altering collapse.

In an ever-changing society, where digitized money is on the rise, we cannot depend on the dollar forever remaining the global standard. Even now, our purchasing habits are being recorded; incalculable amounts of data are being amassed. The only question remaining is, why? The answer may lie in part within a dream given to Greg Lancaster. In this dream, there was an office filled with cubicles, occupied by people recording data. None were permitted to speak while working, except through communicating on individual whiteboards. During this time, one worker stood up, suddenly realizing the purpose of the information they were gathering. On his own white board, the man wrote, “And the number of his name was 666.” This referring to the Beast Economy prophesied of in the book of Revelation.

If you believed that this reality was a long way off, you may want to reconsider. Just recently, our current President, Barack Obama, the President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, and Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, met in Ottawa, Ontario, in what has been called the “Three Amigos” summit. Our leadership may be even now anticipating the collapse of the American dollar. If the new “Amero” currency is created, the value of the dollar is certain to plummet, along with the lavish American lifestyle.

Is America prepared for this? For most, the answer would likely be no. But God has shared again and again with His people what will happen in these coming days. It is up to us to be make both practical and spiritual preparations, while there is still time. The Lord told John Paul Jackson that the Church in America must cry out God, or the world ”will keep getting darker until they do”, as we have seen in recent days. We, as Christians, have to reject the spirit of religion that has stifled the growth of the Church and turn away from our sins. If not, the road only grows rockier from here. Hear the full conversation on end time prophesy coming to pass, and so much more. Also shared in the segment: economic collapse, Venezuela, prophesy, Beast Economy, riots, and currency. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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