WATCH! What was this Attempted Coup in Turkey?; John Paul Jackson Prophesied about the Rise of Turkey with a Dark Core; Was this the Night of Long Knives?


Attempted Coup in Turkey Like Hitler’s Night of Long Knives? Turkey Embracing Radical Islam for Money?


 So many things are taking place throughout the world right now. It’s better to know what to do with the news that you know, than to know all of the news that is happening. There has been a coup that has taken place in Turkey. While Turkish tanks attempt to roll down the streets, they are bombarded by civilians that literally surrounded the tanks and began to beat the soldiers inside the tanks. These events have been prophesied by John Paul Jackson.


As Sky News reports, “Turkey’s increasingly authoritarian president appears to have lost control, but not for long”. By speaking through face time on a mobile phone, Turkish President Erdogan, used an independent news source in order to awaken his supporters to begin to fill the streets in protest to a military curfew. “I invite the public to go to the airports, go to the squares, go to the streets. Let’s gather together. They can come with their tanks and cannons, and try to show what they can do. There is nothing more powerful than the people. I haven’t seen anything more powerful. We can show the tanks who is more powerful.” This is exactly what the people did as numerous images can be seen of crowds swarming military vehicles. One man stands beside a swarmed tank shouting at cameras, “…I am the soldier. There is no passing here. It can run over me. It can run over this flag, but it can’t pass from here…” Erdogan continues to speak, this time seated behind a microphone, “I send a message to our soldiers. You’re our sons. You’re pointing your gun towards your mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters; your own people. We cannot accept this. This nation gave you your guns to protect us. If you point your gun against your own people you are going to pay the price.” While the protests and uprisings were happening in the streets, amidst gunfire, there were also explosions inside the parliament building.


It is important to understand that the present-day Turkey did not always have the freedoms that it now has. At the beginning of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk rule over the region, it was not the Turkey that we think of today. His vision was to see a more Westernized country. When the Ottoman Empire was dissolved at the end of World War I, it gave rise to the Turkey that we see today. Why would there be an uprising today during a time of enjoyed freedoms in the nation? Was this attempted coup, which really doesn’t make sense, like the Night of Long Knives? Was it merely a political maneuver?


This is exactly what Hitler did in order to remove his own opposition. He either killed or arrested anyone that was against him. He also bombed the parliament building and then blamed it on those who opposed him as well.  Nero was another dictator that carried out the same actions. In 2008, John Paul Jackson said to watch Turkey. “We’re gonna see Turkey seemingly rise out of the ashes and become an incredible force in the Middle East with darkness in the core.”  Erdogan is trying to figure out how to do away with the constitution in Turkey. Islam is being embraced by the leaders. Ironically enough, when the copyright of Hitler’s Mein Kampf lapsed, new copies began appearing in Turkey. We must pay close attention when evil is in leadership over a nation. When we look at leaders such as Nero, and Hitler, there is another who carried out the same atrocities while in power. Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, brought the leaders together and began to demand the names of those who were on his side. Then, when about half of those had been identified, he then proceeded to give guns to those who were supposedly with him and ordered them to kill those who were not. We must recognize that Satan rules through fear. Hussein did it. Hitler did it. Nero did it. In order for there to be freedom, we must stand up for the truth of the Gospel. When we see all of these things happening, it’s important to also get the perspective from those who are witnessing it firsthand, the citizens of Turkey.


When CNN’s Anthony Bourdain sat down with a Turkish local, he asks her perspective of the changing economy. “Turkey is so much politicized since the last time you came. After 2011, the daily life issues, like ‘how many children you should have’, ‘advising women not to laugh out loud in public’, things like this were actually suggested by the government.” When asked if this was genuine or a “political calculation”, she responded, “I think it’s genuine”. When asked about her own personal perspective of women laughing out loud in public, this is how the lady responded. “Maybe I don’t feel comfortable answering that question.” If the leaders are for these decisions, there is no telling where the nation of Turkey will go. Is this where we want to go as Americans?


As Bourdain continues to converse with others throughout Turkey, they share a similar questionable reality about the government of Turkey. If citizens share their beliefs about the government, “depending on the degree…how much he doesn’t like you as one citizen describes it, “you go to jail”, compared to “hating and aiding enemy of the states”.


While enjoying a particularly calm night sky in Turkey and stirring their glasses of alcohol, Bourdain asks a businessman why he voted for the current leadership. He begins to share why. “The economy was so bad. No foreign investments. Interest rates were so high…. Very hard to make business. In 2002, I had 78 employees, now 150.”  Bourdain presents another question asking if 10 years from now, if everything would be the same, with the ability to come to the same bar and enjoy the same nightlife. “No problem. We drink hard. It’s all about money in the world.” It is in this very exchange that this man expresses his belief that Turkey’s closest friends and business partners will not be in the West but in the East. When pressed as to why, he highlights because the West is getting ‘weaker and weaker’.

Regardless of the perception that people proclaim to believe, regardless of what people may tell you, the reality is that Turkey is embracing Radical Islam. So many are giving up their freedoms all for the hopes of prosperity. We must be aware and mindful of what is happening throughout the economies of the world. This is not the direction that America wants to go. We must recognize that our freedoms do not come from government, they come from God. We must stand up now for the truth that is given us through Jesus Christ. Hear the full story of what is taking place in Turkey, the detailed comments and conversations of citizens in Turkey, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: rebellion, uprising, coup, military tanks, protestors, demonstrators, Nero, Radical Islam, freedom of the press, nationalism, Weimar Republic, Brazil, Russia, India, China, Beast Economy, and end times. Greg and John shared in this segment.



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