Is Turkey on its Way to Becoming a caliphate?

LISTEN NOW! The nation of Turkey has been progressively enduring greater and greater shakings and divisions under the leadership of President Erdogan. As the nation is recovering from the failed military coup just weeks ago, President Erdogan is carrying out his own agenda. CBN is reporting that Turkey may be on its way to becoming an Islamic Republic. “Erdogan has detained over 15,000 people, arrested 8,000, and dismissed 60,000 civil servants.”

After Erdogan has carried out this massive event of arrests, detains, and dismissals, he has these words for his nation; “For one time only, I will be forgiving those who disrespected me and insulted me in any way and will be withdrawing all charges against them.” These are not the words of a President. It sounds more like a tyrannical ruler. This is not all. He also has his sights targeted upon the Church as well. As CBN shares, “Protestants are already not allowed to build churches and must call them associations and some were attacked after the coup attempt. Turkey, which once had 2 million Christians, now may have as few as 120,000.”

This same tyrannical display of dictatorial leadership is comparable to what Saddam Hussein did in 1979 when he removed half of his parliamentary opposition. While calmly puffing on a cigar, he silently sat as names were called out during a large conference-like gathering. Each name represented an individual that was against his leadership. As the room systematically increased with overwhelming fear, the remaining attendees were then given weapons and ordered to kill those who had been removed. The Adversary would love to carry out these same events in America.

When we see these events taking place; leaders throughout the world targeting the Church and targeting Jews, it is imperative that we remember: however goes Israel, so goes the Church. We cannot remain silent. If this were to happen in our lives, in our reality, would we know what to do? Would we continue to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or would we be frozen in confusion because the leadership has been taken away?

This is the reality that Francis Chan brings to the realization when he brings up the history of Russia and China. Because of Russia’s focus on the buildings and the leadership, the everyday believer didn’t know what to do when oppression removed the leadership. But, in the case of the Church in China it was a remarkably different outcome. In China, the Church focused on the Commandments of Jesus to make disciples and thus, the everyday believer had a solid understanding of the simple things, like leading someone to Christ and making disciples. With this understanding, it is no wonder what happened as a consequence of oppression. “…under Mao Zedong, the persecuted Church grew from 2 million to an estimated, about 80 million in these underground gatherings. Why? Because the people, they understood how to minister to other people. They knew how to teach other people.” The question is not, will oppression come to America? The question is, will we know what to do, and remain faithful to Jesus Christ when it does? A storm is in fact being fashioned. Now, what will do in response to God? Will we choose pride or will we choose humility? See the full conversation to understand the reality of what is taking place in Turkey, the importance to know the Commandments of Jesus Christ, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: dictators, rulers, tyrants, Turkey, oppression, Radical Islam, persecution, and humility. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.
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