Israel in Four Years will Not Need America but does America Need Israel?

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Never before has there being such rapid advancements of technology as there are right now. There other advancements taking place not only in technology, but in many other industries as well. Where? In Israel. In a recent conference with Perry Stone, these advancements in Israel will have major impacts on the rest of the world. In a conversation with an undisclosed Jewish man, Stone recounts, “Israel will not need the United States in four years”. As Stone presses the man to expound on this weighty statement, the man proceeds to highlight 4 important topics: gas fields, military technology, farming, and medical breakthroughs. As he expounds on these medical breakthroughs, Stone continues, “Israel will eventually, over the years, find a cure for every disease on the planet.”
As Stone was speaking with another experienced figure in the industry of pharmaceuticals, it was made known that, “Israel has stuff coming out that might even treat Alzheimer’s, can treat diabetes; in fact, they’re predicting there will be no diabetes in Israel with the treatments they are coming up with.” What is an even more profound topic is the dialogue that Stone continues to share regarding what would cause this discovery to remain unavailable to the United States. Continue Reading
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