“This is the closest thing to slavery” says Venezuelan Business Leader as Government of Venezuela declares Private and Public Sector Workers have to work at Government run Farm

LISTEN NOW! When the topic of slavery arises, most Americans have a mental image that spans as far back as the Civil War. However, what the majority of people don’t realize is that this reality is still relevant today, and it can overcome a nation with greater ease than one might think. Take struggling, socialist country Venezuela, for one. This is a nation, reportedly, with the greatest oil reserves on Earth. Yet, today, its people are starving – some hunting dogs, cats, and pigeons to survive. What’s more, the Venezuelan people now aren’t only facing starvation, but also potential enslavement by their own government.

According to a decree buried in a recently issued publication, Venezuela’s government can potentially force both public and private sector employees to work in the country’s fields for up to 60 days; a period which can apparently be extended “if circumstances merit.” This is a clear example of socialism gone awry – government-forced labor, a picture of modern-day slavery. The country’s previous socialist leader, Hugo Chávez, had nationalized many Venezuelan companies, both foreign and domestic. Most have shut down, or are no longer producing at the level they once did, which has created massive shortages on even the most basic food items. One Venezuelan business leader stated, “President Maduro’s decree is misguided. This is the closest thing to slavery we’ve had.”  

Workers are also outraged by the downturn of the economy, which has cost tens of thousands their livelihoods. These people have been protesting on the streets, claiming that the Venezuelan government is not only effecting businesses, but also ‘killing jobs.’ One protester says, “­­­­­We just want to live in peace, working and producing for our families.” If this new decree is put into action, Venezuelans will be working and producing – on government-run farms

Jim Baker prophesied of the draft returning to America, where countless young men and women may be forced into military service by the government. When a nation is under socialist leadership, its people not only fight for their government, but serve their government. “Servant” is mere a synonym of “slave.” This is a system that causes people not to want to work, as it has been said that, “socialism (and communism) are temptations for the human nature of men.” Why work when the government can take care of you? However, this way of living can only be successful for so long.

Venezuelans today are pouring over the border to Columbia, with an entire month’s wages, only to find that their currency, the “Vulivar,” has plummeted in value. Their month’s earnings will only pay for two days’ worth of Columbian food. The Weimar Republic is yet another example of this. Their economy was in such a rapid decline, workers would demand payment at the start of a work week for groceries, because, by the end, that paycheck would have completely lost its value. What will it take for America to wake up? Do we think that it would be any harder for our economy to crash, our currency to have no value? We must turn back to God and repent, before their reality becomes our reality. Hear the full discussion on the effects of socialism in Venezuela and so much more. Also shared in this segment: government servitude, slavery, starvation, socialism, Venezuela, economic collapse, currency, and food shortages. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.

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