Azusa Now! Powerful Repentance and Reconciliation between the Jew and the Gentile: One New Man. Part 4

[Part1 of 4] [Part2 of 4] [Part3 of 4]  The encouragement continues to come as more is unpacked from the 15-hour event of Azusa Now that occurred on April 9th commemorating the 110th anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival. Looking only at the surface of such a large gathering would cause one to miss the significance of this event. But, when we consider the diversity of the Body of Christ and the focus on repentance and reconciliation we can understand the Biblical significance of this monumental event.

A close friend of Lou Engle, Rabbi Jason Sobel, a Messianic Believer, which means a Jew who has received Jesus as The Messiah, had a significant dream. In this dream, the man received a phone call from four Ruths: Ruth Prince, Derrick Prince’s wife who loved Israel, Ruth Graham, Billy Graham’s wife, Ruth Heflin who is a friend of Israel, and Ruth from Ruth and Boaz as described in the Book of Ruth in the Bible. The Bible shares that anyone that is not a Jew, is considered a Gentile. When Jew and Gentile come together, it is a significant happening. Continue Reading

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Azusa Now! Billy Graham’s Mantle About to Fall on America for a Great Harvest of Souls Part 3
WATCH! Azusa Now in LA Coliseum and the Mantle of Billy Graham Falling on the Nation; Reconciliation between Jews and Gentiles?

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