Candid, Bold, and Honest Israeli TV Interview with President Obama Regarding, Israel, Bibi, Palestinian State hood and personal conflict between the two world leaders?

The vitality and urgency of the present state of Israel and the importance of events occurring that involve Israel cannot be understated. In an interview with Israel’s Ilana Dayan and Channel 2 News, President Obama sits down in the White House to discuss the relationship with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the events involving Israel. 
President Obama has expressed his unequivocal stand with Israel and to provide security and support, but there appears to be a stark contrast in the actions that are carried out. Currently, America is at the negotiating table with the nation of Iran and their nuclear development program. It is this nation that has repeatedly and openly called for the annihilation of the Jewish State. With this awareness, it is simple to understand Israel’s drive to want to ask a few direct questions to the President. Dayan brought to light the recent words of the President regarding the Prime Minister’s desires and actions for the peace of Israel. Continue Reading

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WATCH! Honest Israeli TV Interview with President Obama Regarding Israel and Palestinian State hood

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