Don’t Panic! DISASTER! BUT this is what God has allowed to Happen to Bring in The Harvest!

WATCH PROPHETIC DREAM BELOW: God has been speaking to us and warning us of the days that we are experiencing and those that are upon the horizon. Through many encounters, God has shown what has yet to come. One of these prophetic encounters was a night vision given to Steve Kaliszewski. In this night vision, Steve suddenly found himself behind the wheel of a car with no brakes as he was barreling down a hill. To add to the heightened situation, dead animal carcasses were all over the road. His attention was quickly diverted to dead animals that were also falling from the sky. He was doing all he could to steer his vehicle the best way he could to avoid hitting a dead animal or being hit by one falling from the sky.  

He then noticed at the bottom of the hill was a T-intersection with traffic racing from left to right. He knew he had to make the turn somehow or risk slamming into traffic. Gripping his steering wheel and jerking the wheel to the right with all of his strength, he made the turn and somehow avoided hitting a single vehicle. He somehow managed to get his car stopped and off to the side of the road. By this time, his heart was racing as his adrenaline was maxed. He picked up the phone to dial and immediately Greg Lancaster began speaking to him, “Don’t panic! This is what God has allowed to happen to bring in the harvest. You do have your 90 days right?”


 Courtesy of Shay Yacobinski/

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