We are amidst the days that can best be described as “the best of times & the worst of times”. The days of Elijah are upon us. What does that mean? In the days of Elijah, problems will become as flesh. Meaning that there is more and more realities that we can see with our natural eyes taking place in the world. A quick glance in the world today and most would agree to this reality. As we ponder these implications, we can be encouraged seeing a crowd of United States Marines together, worshiping the Lord and loudly proclaiming, “These are the Days of Elijah”. These are the ones who will stand to fight the very natural problems that are rising and increasing in our land.
When we look at present day America, there are issues and subjects across the land that have not happened before; there are values and ideologies being promulgated in America that have not always been. People are boldly declaring ideas that openly contradict the values and ideas within America’s founding document: The Constitution. In order for an individual, who is not born in America, to become an American citizen, there is an oath that must take place. Continue Reading

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