The First Hostage Book: The President has been Taken Hostage?

With the release of Joel Rosenberg’s new book, The First Hostage, the first page will grab your attention as page one sets the stage with the recognition that the President has been taken hostage. Written as a fiction novel, you will learn so much about the realities taking place across the globe as well as the dangers that are more than prevalent in today’s culture. 

The author himself sat down with CBN’s Pat Robertson, to discuss the dynamic plotline of this new book. Robertson brings attention to the plotline of this book taking place in Syria and asks Rosenberg why? ‘Syria is in a total meltdown. We’re watching the implosion of a modern Arab State and an absolute human catastrophe, the state of the Middle East, right now, is a catastrophe.’ Rosenberg continues to highlight these realities as a response to President Obama’s foreign policy decisions, that have opened the door for the expansion of ISIS. Continue Reading

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