The U.S Government is Set to Turn Over Governance of the Internet? Is this a Complete End to our Privacy is this the beginning to the Mark of the Beast?

We may not currently know this, but just about everything today is being done through technology, more specifically, the internet. If that were not concerning enough, according to, the government will no longer be overseeing the internet as of September 2016. Presently, “The US government, announcing its intention to end its role in March 2014, said it would seek to maintain a “multi-stakeholder” model for Internet governance—which allows virtually all users from business to academia to government to participate—instead of a “multilateral” system controlled by governments.”

Well that sounds encouraging. Just about every day activities are done through the capabilities that are offered through the internet; communication, finances, shopping, etc. Considering how much time we spend on the internet raises additional concern regarding the reality of how much information each of us share on a daily basis. Privacy International expresses the concern this way, “Thanks to new laws, new technologies, and certain whistles that have been blown, what we now know is that governments are not just watching terrorists; they’re watching all of us, your phone calls, your internet surfing, your emails, your social networking habits, your locations…all of it.” You may begin to look at technology differently. Continue Reading
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