Third Great Awakening Upon Us! Azusa NOW! LA Coliseum: 110th Year Anniversary of Azusa Street Revival: A Monumental Convergence of Outpouring! Part 1

Saturday April 9th was no ordinary weekend occurrence. It was the 110th Anniversary of a powerful move of God that is still bringing fruit into the Kingdom. The Azusa Street Revival was a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit that took place in Los Angeles, California. That was Azusa then. Now, 110 years later, God is beginning a monumental movement again being spearheaded by Bill Johnson and Lou Engle. This isn’t Azusa then; this is Azusa Now!

In a special interview, Bill Johnson and Lou Engle share the storyline, all the way from the humble beginnings of the Azusa Street Revival, to what is now being carried out in Present Day. Some may not be particularly aware of the Azusa Street Revival. Bill Johnson shares about it by stating, “The Azusa Street Revival is kind of recognized as the root system of the Pentecostal Movement, that which has brought more people into the Kingdom than any other revival in all of history.” With this understanding, it is easy to understand that this revival not only impacted its immediate culture and generation but, the many generations that were still to come. Continue Reading
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WATCH! Azusa Now – The 110th anniversary of the Azusa St Revival; Bill Johnson and Lou Engle discuss the story

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